Introduction: How to Lay Fiber Rock or Hardy Backer and Get Ready to Lay a Tile Floor.

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How to lay Fiber Rock or Hardy Backer........... some call it cement board.

The first thing is to remove all old tile, particle board, laminate, just take it to the bare subfloor. Making sure to remove all loose particles, wood, dirt, staples. I like to both sweep and vacuum, and make sure to check floor for all loose nails. Take a hammer and tap them back in tight. You are now ready to start installing Fiber Rock.

Step 1:

Fiber Rock comes in 3 x 5 foot sheets. You will need to cut it to fit around corners, fireplaces, anything that's not in a straight line.

Step 2:

Make sure each board is tight together, this is important. You want no movement once you lay the tile, because that would cause cracking............. and you don't want that. There are make on the Fiber Rock that direct you where to screw it down. They are about every 8 inches. This secures it, and limits the chance of movement.

Step 3:

once you have the entire room complete (as in the picture above), it will be time to move on too mud/cement and tile. I will cover that in another instructables.

NOTE: The video attached shows how we layed the floor, step by step, sometimes visual aids make it easier. Hope you floor turns out beautiful.