Introduction: DIY Recycled Doll House

Welcome to my project!. Though it looks easy to make, it took me several weeks to make. Please vote and comment for this is my first time on Instructables. Thank you!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Here are the main items I used and you can add any decorations I like.

  1. cardboard(lots and lots of it!)
  2. small boxes
  3. one big box
  4. a cupcake cup box or any other small, round plastic box with a lid
  5. aluminum foil
  6. 2-3 cloths of your choice
  7. paints
  8. string
  9. pinecones
  10. the decorations of your choice
  11. a glue gun or other strong glue

Step 2: The House

What you need to do to make the house is the one big cardboard box. It is the base of everything.

You take the big box. I used a printer paper box. I trimmed it and made it smaller, then used what I trimmed off to make a top floor. I glued it through the middle using a glue gun. There are now two floors which you will now add furniture in the next step.

Step 3: Making Furniture

For the furniture, I made a bed, a nightstand, a mirror, a bathtub, a couch, a shelf, a table, and two chairs. You can add any extra furniture you like.


To make the bed, you need one medium box or two small ones. Stick the small ones together. Coat them with paint, or cover them in tissue paper. You then take a cloth and cut it to cover the top and sides of the bed. If you like, take a thin tube of cardboard the length of the bed and cover it in cloth. Your bed is now done. It sure looks comfy!


To make the nightstand, simply take a piece of cardboard and fold it into 3, making the middle one bigger and the other two the same size. If you would like, add a chessboard, flower pot, or book. You're done!


To make the mirror, take the lid of a small round plastic box. Cover the back with tin foil. As for decoration, you can cover it with beads of gems. Be creative!


To make the bathtub, cut an empty toilet paper tube in half. cover one side with cardboard. Stick a long piece of cardboard and attach it to the open side, and fold the top a little. That's where the water comes out. Stick the open side to the wall, or cover it and put it however you like.


To make the couch, cut an empty toilet paper roll in half. Stick them together by length. Check the photo to see exactly how. cover with felt or any of your chosen cloth. You're done!


To make the shelf, you need a small box, like a toothpaste box. Cut off the bottom and one side. Use what you cut off to make two floors. You can then use any thin pieces of cardboard or buttons to make books or plates. You are almost done your house!


Now for the table. Take a small round plastic box, the one you used the lid to make the mirror. Cover it with one of your chosen cloths. put it on any way you like. Fancy, zigzag cut, just do it to your taste! Then add something on it: maybe a computer, or fruit bowl, or a pile of books, it could be anything!


Last but not least, make two chairs for the table. Take a long piece of cardboard and fold in half. Then take a slim, long piece and glue one to each side, and glue. Look at the photo if you don't understand. Repeat for a second chair. You are now done your dollhouse!

Step 4: The Garden

I have also made a garden. This is something optional I decided to make. It has a swing, slide and see-saw. This is how to make it.

To make the swing, use two poles and put a piece of cardboard over them. Then put a swing over the cardboard and attach another piece of cardboard to the bottom.

For the see-saw, Take a ball and tape a piece of cardboard to it. Then add another to the bottom.

For the slide, take two pieces of cardboard and stick them together. Make them stable using a cotton ball.


Step 5: Extras

You can simply add extras to anything! Extra paint, decor, imagination, anything, really. I thank you all for viewing my Instructable.

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