Introduction: DIY Reusable Food Case

This container, made by a plastic water jug, can hold your food leftovers and snacks as it is easily compatible.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

- Plastic water or milk jug

- Scissors

- Rubber band

- Marker

- Paint (with color of your choice)

- paint brushes

Step 2: Remove Bottle's Sticker, Cap and Empty Out the Jug

You can transfer the liquids from the jug into a reusable water bottle or reusable filter pot

Step 3: Trace a Line Where the Spout and Handle Align and Cute It Off With Scissors

This will be excess parts that will not longer be needed

Step 4: Trace Marks Where the Two Flaps Will Be and Cut Along the Solid Lines

The dotted lines are where the flaps will crease and fold over. It's also good to round the edges of the flaps so they are not sharp

Step 5: Trace Lines on Both Sides of the Tall Backing and Cut Along the Solid Lines

This is to cut off excess plastic that does support or cover the flaps

Step 6: Shape the Tall Backing Around the Flaps in the Shape of an Arch/shell and Cut Along Dotted Lines

This is so the top will close easier and be held down with a rubber band

Step 7: Place Paint or Any Design You Wish to Cover the Top of the Case

This is to add your own style or flair to the container

Step 8: Place Rubber Band Around the Top and Bottom of Case

This is your final product! :)