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Introduction: DIY Room Air Freshener

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Add a pleasant aroma of natural lemon by making an instant room air freshener

In this inscrutable i will be telling you how to make a cheap room air freshener for yourself.

lets get started...

Step 1: Bill of Materials

you require the following materials and are easily available.

> 2 lemons

>3 tbsp Baking Soda

>1/2 cup water

> Lemon Squeezer



Step 2: Cut Lemons

I have used 2 lemons for making my room freshener .

You can use more lemons according to the quantity you plan to make and correspondingly add the baking soda.

Step 3: Extract the Juice

Squeeze two lemons with a squeezer and collect the lemon extract in a bowl.

Step 4: Add Baking Soda

add 3 tbsp of baking soda into the container .

Step 5: Add Lemon Extract

To the container containing baking soda add the lemon extract slowly into it.

Step 6: Add Water

Add 1/2 cup of water then shake and mix the contents well.

Step 7: Ready to Use

Congratulations you have successfully made a Room Air Freshener for yourself .

Enjoy the refreshing fragrance spread throughout your house .

Hope you liked my inscrutable.

Feel free to drop in your suggestions or queries down in the comment section below..

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    2 years ago

    Hello, I do many sprays with different exotic aromas here are a few of them. Coconut, Nutmeg cocoa, Anise, Storax which can be sprayed around. Which is better you can spray them or evaporate them with an Air bubbler and tubes. Very cool concept.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I have one I use I take the Unstopables beads about 1/4 of bottle then add hot tap water ,put top back on and then shake like crazy. I use in the air ,spray curtains while windows open to get nice smelling breeze works like magic