Introduction: DIY Rope Planter

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Wanna Try Some Easy To Do Hacks For Your Planters.
Let's Create An Awesome Looking Planters
Made Up Of Ropes With Use Of Glue
No sew Technique.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. Rope
2. Scissors
3. Glue gun or glue
4. Planter
And Some Creativity.

Step 2: Wrapping Planter in Paper

Wrap your planter in paper or a plastic bag before you begin. The planter will only act as a mold, and won't be necessary after you finish making the rope planter.

Step 3: Start by Creating Base

Start by creating the base of the rope planter. Wrap the rope in a swirling formation, dabbing hot glue in between the rope as you go along and pressing together to secure.

Step 4: Glue the Edges While Creating Swirl

Just a little bit of hot glue will do, the less you add, the less likely you'll have hot glue spilling out from between the rope layers.

Step 5: Start Wrapping Towards Upside

Once you've finished wrapping the base, begin wrapping upwards whilst using the planter as a guide.

Step 6: End Up the Rope Using Glue

Stop when you reach the top of the planter. To finish off the end, open up and push the outer rope layer back, and snip away the inner supporting string pieces. Dab a bit of hot glue onto the ends to seal it, and secure it to the edge of the rope planter.

Step 7: Remove Paper From Planter

Pull the planter out of the newly formed rope planter, and remove the paper and put it back

Step 8: Planting the Planter

Now you can plant your plant into the new
Rope planter.

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