Introduction: DIY Rubber Stamps

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In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make a high quality stamp out of your favorite logo or symbol.

You will need the following materials (Amazon Affiliate Links):

Check out the video here: or above for examples of logos and carving technique. With a little bit of practice you will be putting stamps on everything!

Step 1: Select a Favorite Symbol or Logo to Use As a Stamp

Start by selecting a few black and white logos, symbols or other emblems that you would be interested in having a stamp of. It could even be some text.

Just try to avoid an image with very thin lines as these can be difficult to carve, and can bend/collapse under the pressure of stamping down.

Using an image editing program or even MS Word, create a black background and arrange them to appear side by side. Having the black background helps a lot when transferring images to rubber sheet.

*Note* There is no need to mirror/reverse anything as they will stamp exactly as you lay them out here.

Step 2: Printout Black and White Image on a Laser Printer

Once you image is complete, print them out on a laserjet printer. If you do not own one, you can also just get a photocopy made of your final image. Using a laser printer here is critical for the image transfer on the next step to work.

Step 3: Apply Steady Heat to the Back From an Iron, and Gradually Peel Away Paper

Using an iron on a medium temperature setting, place the picture ink/toner side down and start ironing.

The heat will transfer the image to the rubber surface. Take care as to not remain in one spot for very long as the rubber can deform.

Gently pull up one side and you can get an idea if it worked. If needed, you can lay the image back down and iron some more to get a darker transfer. Take care during this stept o not stay in one spot for too long as it will warp/burn/melt the rubber sheet.

Step 4: Using a Straight Blade, Trace the Image Out.

Now just begin lightly tracing your image with a exacto blade or the supplied straight cut blade in the Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment kit found in the material listing. Take care to not cut all the way through, 1/8" is plenty far enough.

Step 5: Cut a Chunk of Scrap Wood That Fits the Stamp Dimensions

Find a piece of scrap wood to use as a handle for the stamp that matches your rough stamp dimensions. A 1.5"x1.5" piece was perfect for me.

Using files and/or sandpaper makes the handle more comfortable to hold.

Step 6: Use Various Sized Gouges to Remove the Majority of Material

Using the other carving/gouging blades, hog out the remaining sections. Be careful as to not be too aggressive here, it is easy to make a mistake if you get carried away.

Step 7: Stamp the Top of Handle to Make It Easy to Identify

Stamp the top of the handle with your favorite color of ink. This makes identifying the stamp easier when you are making multiples.

Coat the surface of the handle with some Polyurethane spray to prevent the ink on the handle from getting on your hands during use.

Step 8: Use Two Part Epoxy to Attach Handle to Rubber Stamp

Use some 5 min two part epoxy to adhere handle to the rubber stamp. All adequate time to cure according to epoxy instructions.

Step 9: Enjoy Stamping!

Find your favorite color ink pad and stamp away! :)