Introduction: DIY Shirt Folder

I wanted to make something that would make folding clothes easier and faster because folding my clothes takes too much energy and time. So I thought about making some sort of folding machine, but that was too complicated and hard. So I ended up making a shirt folder out of cardboard.


I needed

An Exacto knife; to cut the cardboard.

Tape; to stick the pieces together.

A box; to make the whole thing.

A pen/pencil; to mark where to cut.

A shirt; to take mesure ments.

Step 1: Take Measurements

Get a box and then take one of your folded shirts and place it on any side of the box. Once you did that use your pen/pencil to mark all around the shirt. Now that you outlined the shirt you can put it away.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

Now you can go around that outline and cut a piece of cardboard with your Exacto knife. Then you have to do the same thing again, so you're gonna end up with two equal squares. Now place them next to each other and get another piece of cardboard. You want to cut that piece so it would match the length of both the squares. After you do that, do it again so you end up with two rectangles. At the end of this step, you should end up with two squares and two rectangles.

Step 3: Placement and Taping

When you got all that done, place it the way I have it placed in the picture. Then you'll need to tape some parts together. Tape the two squares together from both sides(back and front). Then tape both of the rectangles to the top square, also from both sides(back and front). Before you get to the next step, make sure you can fold them from left to right, top to bottom, and right to left.

Step 4: Using It!

Get a shirt. Place your shirt on the bottom square of the folder, make sure you put the front side down. Then start folding any of the two sides, I started with the left one. After that you can go to the other side, mine was the right one. And for our final step, you fold it from top to bottom. In the end, you're gonna have a perfectly folded shirt. (You can understand the steps more of you look at the pictures)

Step 5: Extra

This is how many shirts I folded in under 3 minutes!! You can also fold your pants!

Step 6: Final Product

This is the final product when you're not using it. And then when you are using it. And then when you're done!