Introduction: DIY Shoebox Charging Station #1

My Name is Taylor Sabel and I am doing a DIY projects with shoeboxes. Every DIY project I do will be made with a shoebox. This is the first project out of 50. Be sure to check all of them out.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

  • a shoebox
  • washers
  • fabric or paint
  • a office knife
  • a power strip
  • scissors
  • glue/ duct tape
  • pencil/pen
  • ruler
  • other decorative elements

Step 2: Decorating Your Box

Decorate your shoebox as it seems fit. You can use paint or fabric. I used fabric because it's quicker. Plus if you decide that you want to use paint, just remember it could take hours and you need to add layers.

Step 3: Cutting

Once you have decorated your shoebox, you need to cut seven holes in the front big enough for a charger to fit through. Also cut a big hole on the right of the box, big enough for the power strip to fit in it.

Step 4: Using Glue

Once you get your seven holes cut, glue the washers around the holes and make sure there is no holes showing the inside.

Step 5: Waiting

Once you get your washer glued on and with no holes showing, just wait for the glue to dry.

Step 6: Starting

Once the glue has dried, insert the power strip into the the shoeboxes and plug it into the wall. Then grab your charger and insert the cord into the washer and plug it into the power strip. Then just plug it into your phone and make sure it works.

Step 7: Finished

If it worked, then you created your first shoebox charging station!!! Good job! :) If it didn't work, I find out where you went wrong and fix it.