Introduction: DIY Simple DREAMCATCHER

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Supplies required-
- bangle or a ring of preferred size
- embroidery thread
- glue (craft/fabric)
- sequins, beads or charms
- markers

Step 1: Wrapping Up the Ring

Wrap the bangle/ring completely with embroidery thread and try not to expose the ring in any ways. I tried wrapping it like you do with headphones. Do not cut off the ends when you’re done.

Step 2: Marking Points

Mark 16 points on the ring with a marker. The pattern we are going to follow is in the picture provided.

Step 3: Continue the Pattern

Continue the pattern till you reach the starting point twice. Make sure that you are pulling it tight enough for it to stay in place.

Step 4: Add Strings

After completing the pattern tie the ends of the string to the ring tightly. Tie strings at the bottom part of the ring and glue the ends to the ring. You can add as many strings as you wish. I added seven. Try to add odd number of strings.

Step 5: Add Beads/sequins/charms

Glue the ends of the strings to make it stiff. This can be helpful if you want to add smaller beads. Try to make the string in the middle longer than that of the other strings.

Step 6: Tie Off the Ends

After you are done add a larger or heavier bead at the end and tie the ends. Apply glue if needed. You can use a marker to cover up the white dots or markings or even glue stains.

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