Introduction: DIY Simple Gold Necklace (no Gold Needed)

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Have you ever wanted to make super simple jewelry, but you never thought you had the right materials for it? This guide will teach you how to do so with only a few simple materials!

Step 1: Materials


Here are the materials you will need:

- A few eyelets

- A thin string of choice

- Some plyers

- a scissor

Step 2: Cut the Thread

Cut the thread 4 inches longer than your neck span and get it ready for adding the gold...

Step 3: String the Beads

Take an eyelet and pull it down to the center of the necklace. Then, smash it on with the pliers. Continue to do this on the left and right sides of the necklace until it looks good to you!

Step 4: Done!

Great Job! You made a golden necklace! Show us what your's looks like in the comments!

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