Introduction: Hidden IPhone Box Storage Case DIY!

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Have an iPhone Box? Want to give someone and "Empty" iPhone Box, but with a hidden phone? Or just hide some secret thing where no one would find it? Then this guide is for you. This is a customizable way to hide your "Secret Object" in a place where everyone would expect it, but not exactly. In the top of an iPhone Box.

Step 1: Materials

Let's get started!

Here is a list of materials you will need.


- An iPhone Box

- A small piece of cardboard

- A piece of paper

- A thin piece of double-sided tape


- Scizzors

- A cardboard-cutting knife

Step 2: Mesure

Mark the points of the corners of the box like shown in the pictures, then connect the points with a ruler. Be sure to make it as accurate as you can because it makes the disguise better.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the cardboard piece out, so that it is cut right on the line. It should fit in the box like in the image above.

Step 4: New Top

Cut a piece of paper the exact size as the cardboard piece. Then take your double-sided tape and put it on the side of the paper, and stick it onto the cardboard piece. Compare the color of the paper with the box by putting it halfway in. It should be really close to the same color.

Step 5: Cut the Box

Cut one side of the box as shown in the picture, but make sure it can fold out, by cutting the left and right sides q little as well. The cut size can be adjusted, depending on how big the object your trying to hide is.

Step 6: The Disguise

We made that cardboard piece a while ago, and now is the time to use it! Get out your ruler, and put it inside the crack that you cut out. This will make some space for the object you are hiding. Then, put your piece of cardboard in, with the white side up, as shown in the second picture. This piece will act as the fake top. To disguise it even more, but the bottom part of the box to be lower, so that it fits in the new top, perfectly!

Step 7: Finishing Up!

You're done! Now test how your object fits in the crack.


1. If you're giving it as an iPhone present, maybe paint or turn the vbox to the other side, so they don't see the disguised side first.

2. If you have another box, you may be able to modify what I said by changing the size of the parts.

Share what you hid inside in the comments! Thanks for looking at my guide!

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