Introduction: DIY Smartphone Hologram Projector

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Hello Friends ! Today we are going to make a Smartphone Hologram Projector which will turn your Smartphone into a working Hologram Projector. Hmm... It Sounds Cool ! So let's make it.

NOTE:This Project is a DIY so only DO-IT-YOURSELF; )

Step 1: Gather the Materials

This is a very Easy-To-Make and Simple Project. It will not cost more than 2 Bucks. The List for the Materials is given below-

  1. Transparent Sheet (A4 Size)
  2. Graph Paper (A4 Size)
  3. Cardboard

Some Basic tools are also required for this Project

  1. X-Acto Knife
  2. Glue Gun (Tape will also do the Job if Glue Gun is not Available)
  3. A pair of Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Marker

Step 2: Making the Projector

Now we're going to make the Hologram Projector

  1. First Draw the Figure (Trapezium) given in the Diagram above on the Graph Paper with a Marker and Ruler
  2. Then Take a Cutout of the Figure and Trace it 4 times on the Transparent sheet
  3. Cut the Trapeziums from the Transparent Sheet
  4. Join the Trapeziums as shown in the Figure with a Tape
  5. Join the End of 4th Trapezium with the Start of 1st Trapezium
  6. Then a Pyramid kind of structure will be formed, Strengthen the tape joints with Hot Glue or Super Glue
  7. Remove the Tape

Our Hologram Projector is Ready !!!

Step 3: Making the Projector Phone Case

Now we will make a Case for the Projector and the Phone

  1. Take the Dimensions of your Phone
  2. Trace it out on the Cardboard Sheet
  3. Make a Box kind of Structure with the Bottom open for the Phone to enter
  4. On the Top of the Box, Cut out a Rectangle with respect to The display of your Phone
  5. Paste a Piece of Transparent Sheet on the Opening from the Inside which we just made
  6. Paste the Hologram Projector according to the Center of The whole Phone Display

(Step 6) TIP: Take Measurements of the Display of your Phone on a Paper, join Both the Diagonals and the meeting point of Diagonals will be the Center.

We're now all set

So, now Let's Test our Hologram Projector

Step 4: Testing Time !!

I've Provided a Holographic Video Clip here in this Step, Turn your Smartphone to Landscape mode and and insert the Phone in the Case. Play the Video in Full Screen and Darken the Room for Better experience of the Hologram.

Enjoy the View of the Hologram

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