Introduction: DIY Skateboard

If you want to make a DIY skateboard this in the project for you. For this project, you will need wood, things to cut wood, grip tape, wheels, trucks, wood glue (if you need to glue pieces of wood together), and any materials you need to decorate the bottom of your board. Please note this board will be hand made not factory-made and it can be dangerous, make sure to wear protective layers and not ride on bumpy surfaces.

Step 1: Deciding on the Design for Your Board

From making a normal board to thinking out of the box you are going to need to make a design. You can start by looking at other types of skateboards and get a general understanding of what you want. Start thinking of ideas for the bottom of your board, this step concretes its self as DIY because of the endless possibilities. For example, if you want a large design you should shoot for a larger board. Don't be afraid to change things up as you go, but keep in mind your original intent for the project. For this project, we went for a longboard with a Conanon Gray symbol on it.

Step 2: Choosing Your Wood

When choosing your wood you have to keep some things in mind. First is it durable, unless this is just for aesthetics you will be riding this board, so it needs to be able to lift your weight. Make sure you are using a harder wood and it would be beneficial to get it thicker than 1/4 inch. Second, as you might be able to see in the photo, we had to stack two pieces of wood on top of each other in order for the wood not to bend, it is better to take more time to add more wood than take the consequences. Lastly, always check the sizes of any boards you want to buy compared to the board you want to make, it is better to have to much wood than realize you need more.

Step 3: Making the Board

Once you have your board and design you can start the building process. Copy your design on to your board and start cutting. Many people do not have access to cutting materials at home and there are workarounds to this. There are many shops opening up that you could ask to cut it, libraries have started to add these types of things, or you can experiment with other types of tools. Remember always have someone with you that knows safety and if you can not get someone make 100% sure that you will be safe. For this project, we used a handheld saw, a drill, and a sanding machine.

Step 4: Wheels

When getting your wheels you can always buy them online but if they are out of your price range there are ways to get them cheaper. Facebook market place and eBay are great places where you can get really good prices. Waiting for big coupons or big events to get wheels cheaper. For this project, we used a 3d printer to print truck parts on a communal 3d. Finding our other things were pretty easy, we found a metal rod for the axil which we cut with a hand saw. As with any skateboard, you can fall, but with this, there is a possibility that the trucks can brake. For the wheels, you can do the same prosses but it is highly suggested that you buy them. For this project, we were very lucky to have a friend with some wheels.

Step 5: Finishing Steps

Once you have your board and wheels it is time to start finishing up your project. For the bottom of your board, you can do many things such as painting and adding varnish or cutting things into the board. Then you should add you grip tape, watch videos on how to do this step it can be a bit tricky. After this add your wheels and you are done. Enjoy your skateboard and be safe.