Introduction: DIY Rubber-Band Powered Skewer Launcher V2

This is a project made from very simple household materials. Using a rubber band, it has the power to punch into walls and even wood. It can be made by anyone, but be sure NOT to use it to hurt or threaten somebody!


For this skewer shooter, you will require 3-5 bamboo skewers, which can be found at dollar tree for very cheap. Then you need a hot-glue gun, high or low temp, and two popsicle sticks. Optionally, you can use a boba tea straw to enhance the aesthetics, but this is not necessary. Some tape will also be useful.

Step 1: Main Body

Take out 2 popsicle sticks and two skewers. Cut the skewers until they are as long as the flat side of the popsicle stick. I used a pair of kitchen shears to make clean cuts, but regular scissors will probably work. With your hot glue gun, glue the cut skewers to the outside thirds of the popsicle stick. There should now still be space in the middle for one more skewer, but leave that alone for now. Once the glue is dried, glue another popsicle stick on top of the skewers parallel to the first one.

Step 2: Mechanism

Now that you have the frame, get out a single rubber band. Loop it around the frame so it covers both the holes on each side. Now, take out your tape and tightly wind it around the popsicle stick in the middle of the frame many times. When you think it is sturdy, release the pressure by taking out the rubber band from one of the sides. The other side should not change. Then, neatly cut the loose half of the band so it is not covering the hole on that side.

Step 3: Shooting and Tips

Next, take out your third skewer and put it inside the hole, with the pointy side facing outwards. push it in until it pokes out the rubber band, then pinch the rubber band with the skewer underneath and pull back while pointing it at a dartboard or the floor. It should shoot out at an astonishingly fast speed. If it doesn't go far, run the skewer through the inside a couple of times to relieve any blockage caused by extra hot glue. If this doesn't work, finely sand the skewer a couple of times until it fits and operates smoothly. Remember to NEVER point it towards people or shoot it at fragile objects.

Step 4: Optional Things

If you want an added level of dangerousness, cut off about 2/5 of the pointy end of the two remaining skewers. Tape it tightly to the end of the shooter to make the weapon a melee as well as a ranged utensil. Additionally, if you have any big boba straws lying around, cut off 1 1/2 inches to make a scope that looks cool and improves accuracy as well.