Introduction: Easy DIY Paper Crane

This is a very simple way to make a DIY Paper Crane that can be made by anyone. You can make it in about 3 minutes and the wings flap to give it that extra effect.


1 single piece of paper is needed for this project. It can be regular printer paper or traditional origami paper, which is already in a square. I am using a piece of gold traditional origami paper, but the next step will be a walkthrough on how to use the printing paper as well.

Step 1: Make the Paper (For Printer Paper Only)

To start this project, you'll need to take your piece of paper and fold the corner diagonal until the short side is flush with the long side. There should be a flap beneath the perfect square. Use scissors to cut the flap, or fold it in and crease it many times with your fingernail. When it feels like it is about to rip, then use your palms to carefully rip it from the main piece. It should somewhat be a clean cut.

Step 2: Base Folds

Now that you have your square, unfold it. Make another diagonal fold perpendicular to the previous fold. Repeat with a fold bisecting the paper and the final fold making the entire thing symmetrical. It should look somewhat like a star. After creasing a couple of extra times, you are ready for the step I like to call "The Square Fold".

Step 3: The Square Fold

You should have your square, with folds going every which way. This is the hardest fold in the project, but once you do it it should be easy enough. So take the non-diagonal folds and push them inwards. Match the squares and press down. You should have a small square with some layers inside.

Step 4: Forming the Crane

Take the square with the open side facing you, and then fold the TOP layer towards the middle on either side, making a kite. Do this on the opposite side to finish it off.

Step 5: Head and Legs Pt. 1

On one of the sides of the kite, fold the top down to make a triangle. Unfold the kite and the triangle, but keep the creases. Now pinch the bottom flap and bring it up, bringing the outside pieces to the middle. This should form a kind of rhombus. Do it on all the sides.

Step 6: Head and Legs Pt. 2

Your rhombus should be made. Now, take the bottom flap and fold it outwards and line it up to the paper. After doing both sides, you should see the crane starting to form.

Step 7: Final Touches

Pick a random side and fold the top bit down to make the head for the crane. Then, fold the wings towards the crane so a hump is poking out the top. When you pinch the tail and pull, the wings should flap down. Be careful, though, as if you pull too hard, it will rip.

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