Introduction: DIY Sled (hack of IKEA's Frosta Stool by Andreas Bhend and Samuel N. Bernier)

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While making the IKEA Draisienne, we also made this sled, using the same principles. Two Frosta stools hacked into something else, without any waste. Andreas haven't made one of his famous manual for this one, but since it is pretty simple, I'll explain...

The plastic parts are 3D printed on a Makerbot Replicator. You can either upload them from leFabShop's thingiverse account : or order them from us at

p.s : special applause for this guy in UK who had the idea long before us :

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Step 1: Team

It will be more fun if you do this with a friend, or someone from your family. We actually think that this is maybe the best father and son DIY project ever made since the tree house. ;p

Step 2: Find the Proportions

Almost all the parts are perfect the way they are. You'll just need to find the good proportions for your kid's behind.
We wont give you dimensions, follow your guts!

Step 3: Flatten the Circle

You'll have to cut two flat and parallel sides to the seat. Use the proper tools to make sure that you are perfectly parallel!

Step 4: Make It Strong

Once you got the skis and the seat right, you'll have two parts left. Cut them to the proper lenght (they should be cut equal to the distance between the front skis. Use screws, glue and wood pegs to make it super strong.

Step 5: Parts Left

You'll have two curvy parts left. Keep them to make a back handle later, if you want.

Step 6: Print and Assemble

This toy looks better with a little finition. The 3D printed parts are slightly functionnal. They protect from accidents, make the skis stronger and the handle more confortable. You can either print them yourself from our Thingiverse account :
r buy them from le FabStore (soon)

se wood pegs, screws and glue everywhere needed. When you got a flat surface between two parts, use it ;)

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