Introduction: DIY Slip on Sandals From Old Shoes

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These can be done with any pair of canvas shoes.  They are easy to get on and off and are (in my humble opinion) more comfortable than most other slip-ons. These are great for shop tasks where you don't need closed toed shoes but still want to be able to walk around without stepping on anything sharp.  All you need is an old pair of shoes and 15 minutes of free time.

Step 1: Materials

Things you need:
Old pair of shoes
Laces for the shoes
Razor Knife

Step 2: Cutting Off the Heel

The first thing we will do is make a cut from where the shoelaces end towards the top of your foot to the base of the shoe, straight down.  Mirror the cut to the other side straight down.  Don't force the razor through the tough parts because you might cut yourself.  Once you have the first two cuts, cut around the heel where the fabric meets the rubber.  Now your shoes are like birkenstocks or clogs. I guess you could keep them like this if you want.

Step 3: Cutting Off the Toe

The toe is almost the same procedure as the heel, except that most shoes have the tongue sewn to the part that holds the laces, which we want to keep.  Cut this small part first on both sides, and then cut straight down from there.  Cut around the front of the toe where the canvas meets the rubber.  Don't rush even though the toe has tougher material.  You don't want to cut yourself and mess up the shoe.  Take it slow.

Step 4: Lacing and Wearing

Now that you have the finished product, you can lace up the shoes and wear them around.  You can also cut holes underneath the laces for more airflow or cut the laced portion shorter.  Have fun and walk in comfort!