Introduction: DIY Snake From Rusting Aluminium Foil (Harry Potter's Nagini)

About: I am a 12 year old boy from Assam, India who likes to invent things. I love to make new things.

This is my first invention and my first instructable. I hope you will like it. I have made a snake from aluminium foil. I got this idea from Harry Potter's villain Voldemort's pet Nagini. This is not hard at all, you can easily make this at home. To make this we do not need a lot of things. I have used rusting aluminium foil that I have found in my kitchen. My mother told me to throw this away. However I decided to use it for my creation. You can use this to scare many people.

Step 1: Gathering the Equipment:

Following are the equipment to gather:

Aluminium Foil (I have used a rusting aluminium foil)


Step 2: Preparing the Body

First you have to cut the aluminium foil, then you have to roll it. After rolling it you have to bend it. First make the body by crushing and rolling the foil. Make the tail pointed. And press the head part to make it flat.I have used a lot of foil (because I had a whole roll for myself). The pictures are given above. You can see it. I have not used paint. It is the color of the rust that makes the snake look black and white.

Step 3: Well Done!

Now you can show your snake to anyone! You can also paint the snake to make it more beautiful. And you can make a lot of other creative things from waste materials. And don't waste the useful materials.

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