Introduction: DIY Spongebob Choker Necklace

Make a simple DIY choker in 10 mins.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need

Your choice of ribbon. (1in or more)
quick hem seam bond tape
1 lobster claw or yor choice of fastener
3 jumprings
2 snap ends
1 small chain about 4 to 5 links long
1 common pin

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure the size of your neck, and ad two inches to that number. Then cut your ribbon.

Step 3: Seam and Bond

Fold you ribbon in two and iron down the seam. This makes it a whole lot easier when your adding the tape.
Cut the tape the same length as your ribbon and bond the ribbon together.

Step 4: Add End Clasps

Divide that extra inch into 3 folds on each side on each side and add the clasp.
then proceed to add the lobster claw or fastener and jumprings to each end

Step 5: Add Extension Links

It's always nice to have a extra links, if you later want to wear it looser.

So all you have to do is to add the links to the jumpring.

For an extra something I added a pearl bead to the end of mine.
Just take a common pin, put the bead on it and curl it with round plyers.

Step 6: Add Charm (Optional Step)

There are two ways to do this step.

Mark your area and then make a small hole with a hole punch. Ensure that it is centered so that it will not rip out to easily later. Then add your charm and jumpring.

If you have a jumpring with a wide enough gauge. You take the round plyers and bend it into an oval. and pit it around the whole band.

Step 7: Side Project Head Band

So I made a head band with the extra ribbon all you need is elastic and a sewing machine.

Measure and cut the length from ear to ear


Subract that from the circumference of your head. Cut the elastic at that length. For the second strip add 4in to the length of your elastic. Fold the second strip in two and stich it down.


Run the elastic through and then stitch dow the top bands to the sides.

Step 8: And We're Done!