Introduction: Diy Steampunk Hanging Letter

I was given a bunchof random blank letters with wich to design to my hearts content. Of courese one had to be asteampunk~
One thing I love about Steampunk is that you can always find little pieces of things here to complete your project

Here is what I used
Acyclic paint.
Rub N Buff
E6000 glue
Modge Podge (optional)
Earring stoppers
Bead caps and connectors
Leather straps (watch strap bought at Micheals)
craft wire
wire plate hanger
craft chains
A bronze key

Step 1: Paint Letter

For the basr color I selected an aburn brown acrylic paint. I used two coats of paint. And I also left a few blobs of paint here and there to make it look a little less neat. You can have just one and keep the texture and grain of the wood visible or completly cover it. its up to you depending on the look you want to achieve

Step 2: Add Gloss (Optional Step)

a layer of Modge Poge to the painted letter to give it a gloss effect

Step 3: Add Rub N'Buff

Next I added the Rub N' Buff randomly with the darker color to the edeges of the outer curves and the lighter color to the middle .

Step 4: Gather Your Pieces

The rest is just to gather your random pieces put them together until it looks right to you. After placing them in the position you desire, take a picture (that way if they move you will know where you wanted them) and begin to glue them down.

Step 5: Glue Piceces

Place and fasten the bulkier pieces onto the letter first And then proceed to the smaller ones

Step 6: Finished

After gluing all of my pieces I added some more Rub N Buff since it seemd a little flat.