Introduction: DIY Stocking Into a Mesh Crop Top

Hey girls! It’s time to sass up the sheer stocking that you no more use and give it a second life. Fancy those super cool mesh crop tops? Make your own mesh crop top using an old/new stocking with this more than awesome fashion trick. The process of turning your tights into a top looks simple enough here is how you should go about with it.

Step 1: What You Need?

  • Old/new stocking
  • A good pair of scissors

Let’s get started!

Step 2: Lay Your Stocking Flat on a Plain Cutting Surface

Symmetrically placed the stocking on a plain desk or floor to avoid any wrinkling or folding later while cutting the garment.

Note: You can pick a stocking in any colour or design. They are a must-have in every season. Read more about types of winter stockings

Step 3: Mark the Area Around Crotch and Toes

Initially, mark a section of only about 2 to 3 inches long. You can cut more area as desired later, if you want it to be lower-cut.

Step 4: Layer and Line Up the Tight Legs on Top of One Another

Gently fold the legs on top of each other to ensure perfect symmetry while cutting. It is important to pay heed on tiny details if you really want your DIY to turn out good.

Step 5: Cut the Toes

Cut off the toes of the tights in order to turn the legs into sleeves. A little bit odd but still kind of genius, no? Remember, follow the rule of less is more here! Cut only a small portion from the toes. The mesh fabric will stretch out over your body, and in case you want shorter sleeves you can always go back and cut more.

Step 6: Cut Around the Gusset of the Tights

Cut a tiny trim in the center seam. The tinier, the better! A smaller cut is recommended as the mesh is naturally tensile and has the tendency to outstretch itself according to the body. You can shove your head through that small hole, but if you cut too much, the top will fall off your shoulders. (Incase, that’s the look you’re aiming for, go for it!)

Step 7: Try It On

Now push your head through the hole in the center seam and your arms through the holes in the legs. Tadaa! You’re now ready to rock the sheer crop top party look.

Style Tip:

Throw on a sexy bralette and a few sassy accessories to amp up the look. Your get-set-go glam look is ready!