Introduction: Use Your Old Bra to Make a Strapless Dress Padded

A lot of us girls avoid wearing a tube dress or a strapless top because we aren’t sure of what to wear inside. A lot of times, even when we do know what to wear underneath, we constantly have a number of questions. What if the strapless dress falls off? Can I dance in a tube dress or not? Should I skip wearing a bra all together? If these questions have come across your mind for even once, then this DIY is going to open a whole new wardrobe for you.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: What Will You Need?

1. Your tube dress/top

2. An old/new bra (preferably a strapless bra)

3. Fabric Glue

4. A pair of scissors

Step 2: Cut the Side Bands of the Bra

We would only need the cups of the bra so carefully cut out the sides of the bra.

Step 3: Stick the Bra Cups to the Dress

Now put some fabric glue along the neckline and bust area of the dress and stick the bra cups to it and press firmly. Leave for a while and let the glue settle down.

Step 4: Tada Done!

Now you have a padded tube dress. Wear it without having to fear about an embarrassing headlight effect or having to pull up your bra every now and then.

Tipsfor wearing a strapless tube dress:

  1. Use fashion tape to avoid any wardrobe malfunctioning. But, don't fiddle with your dress by pulling it up often. You may wear out the adhesive on the tape.
  2. Make sure the bra you used to for this DIY hack must be a perfect fit bra.
  3. If not comfortable, Use transparent straps.
  4. Fashion tape may not work well if you sweat a lot.
  5. If you feel that your dress is slipping a lot, Go to the washroom immediately and get it fixed.
  6. And Last, don't forget to have a backup plan. Another dress in your handbag will work in case of emergency.