Introduction: DIY Storage Bin Pet House, What You Need

About: Hello all! My name is Sarah Heliker and I love to create something from nothing so this is the perfect place for me to share in that love with fellow creators! Rock on folks!

For this project you will need a few things:
A large storage bin
A pair of scissors
A sharp knife or box cutter
A drill
A measuring tape
A permanent marker
Form of Insulation (I used home project foam because it is pet safe)
3 yards Felt or another form of fabric for outside of bin
A blanket or other form of stuffing for the inside
Hot glue gun or another strong adhesive
Thread or yarn
Two small light cat toys
Hinges and fasteners to attach the door

Step 1: Step One

Step one is fairly simple:
In step one you will go ahead and pop the lid off the bin for easy access. Grab your measuring tape and pick a side of the bin you would like the pet door to be. Now measure 1 ft W x 1 ft L draw your lines to assure you cut the proper measurements. Now, take your sharp knife or box cutter and cut out the measured square.

Step 2: Step 2

In step two take your measuring tape back out and measure the dimensions of the inside of your bin so you know how to cut your insulation in steps to follow. It is also totally fine to give a little extra on your measurements because when you cut your foam insulation in the following steps it’s ok if the foam overlaps a bit in the corners. I did so to provide extra insulation around the edges.

Step 3: Step 3

In step three we are getting to the good stuff! In this step you will take your measurements and trim your insulation to those measurements. Don’t forget to mark the foam around the door way you cut out and trim the insulation there as well. Then, just take your hot glue gun ( or whichever form of adhesive you chose) and glue your trimmed insulation to the inside of the bin! This step is very important as this is where a majority of the warmth is provided for those sweet animals taking residence here.

Step 4: Step Four

In step four we are going to trim the blanket or your choice of fabric for the inside of the bin! This will add extra warmth for the sweet animals that are going to be enjoying this pet house. Then take your handy glue gun once more and glue the fabric over the insulation! Make it as snug as you can but expect some wrinkles. It can’t be perfect! I made it slightly longer in heighth than the measurements so I could tuck it on the outside lip of the bin to make the lid as tight as possible in the end.

Step 5: Step Five

In step five we are going to get down and dirty on that door way! I didn’t want to leave a big hole just open for a draft to come in and not have the bin do what it is meant for which is to keep those fur babies warm and safe! So grab the extra piece of bin you have from cutting that square earlier. Take your hinges now and line up the top holes with the top of the cut out square. Take your shapie and mark the holes so the hinges will be placed evenly to secure the hanging door. Now get our your drill and let’s get to the good stuff! Drill holes where you made marks for your hinges.

Step 6: Step Six

In step six we are adding more insulation only to the outside this time! For me, I chose to keep it as simple as possible here and just pulled the fabric around the entirety of the outside of the bin. Pull it all the way up to the lip of the bin to meet the fabric you folded over from the inside. Take your hot glue gun and glue the outer fabric around the edge of the bin. I folded the fabric at the corners so it didn’t scrunch up and fall apart during use. Be sure to have the fabric overlap on the back side, the side without the doorway and hot glue the fabric all the way around the backside. My husband helped me out here so grab a buddy! Have your buddy hold the bin up and then do a rough cut of the excess fabric hanging around the bottom! Leave about 3 inches of fabric to secure with hot glue to the bottom of the bin.

Step 7: Step Seven

In step seven we are just making a quick adjustment before we secure the door onto the pet house and add the finishing touches! Now that you have secured the outer fabric and glue it all the way around as well as to the bottom you ahead and take your knife or box cutter and carefully cut out the fabric from the doorway once more! Almost done!

Step 8: Step Eight

Ok guys we are ready to finish attaching the door! So, in step eight before we get to attaching go ahead and cut out a square of excess fabric from either the inside or outside fabric choice and hot glue it to the outside of your soon to be door! Now, take the holes you drilled out on the top of the door way and grab your hinges! Take your fasteners and drill the hinges into the top of the door. Then go ahead and take your cat toys and tie your thread or yarn around the toys. Take the other end of your thread or yarn and wrap it around the fasteners you are going to drill into the other end of the hinges. Drill your screws into the marked holes on the top of your door and drill them into the hanging hinges. Now you have a hanging door with toys!

Step 9: Step Nine

Last but not least we are going to add insulation to the lid and then pop that baby on and wa-la you’re pet house is ready to go! Cut out a piece of insulation to fit the inner part of your lid. I cut it to the same measurements of the piece I used to insulation the bottom of the inside of the bin. Then cut your fabric with about an inch extra on all sides. Take your hot glue gun and glue the fabric down. Then glue the edges and fold them under. I did not do insulation on the outer edges of the lid because it has all the fabric on the top edges of the bin itself so it is plenty secure. Anymore foam and the lid will not close. Now just filled your bin with toys, food, water or whatever you choose! YOU DID IT!


You did it and you did a good thing in the pet community so go ahead and pat yourself on the back! Feels good doesn’t it? Well done! I hope you enjoyed the process and of course add your own touches when you build your pet house!