Introduction: DIY String Light Decor

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I had one hell of a office work last week, hence i wanted to spend my weekend sleeping... but unfortunately I'm too lazy to sleep all day.. then i thought doing craft lifts my spirit level up. Also Red colour increases your energy which exactly i wanted for this weekend .. Hence i ended up doing this instructable. I had real fun doing and it was a stress buster for me..

Few points about RED colour

It is a hot, strong, stimulating color that represents excitement and energy. Studies show that the color red can create physical effects such as increased respiratory rates, increased enthusiasm, higher levels of energy, and increased confidence.

Thanks to google for this beautiful info.

Step 1: Supplies

  • White gum - 200 gm
  • Corn flour - 100 gm
  • Water - 100 ml
  • SMD Red LED strip (Flexible) - 1 meter
  • Cup or box with lid
  • Thread
  • Balloons
  • Spray Paint Red
  • Torch light (Not shown)

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Location

1) Blow the balloon, since its one balloon i used conventional method, i.e., filling my carbon-do-oxide into it.

2) Once you blew into shape and size you want, tie it and mark the circular portion. my first try gave a bad centre, hence i marked again keeping transparent box centre at balloon knot and it came out correct.

3) Now is the tough task, finding a location where you are gonna do this, because its take time to do this as well more time for drying , so it should be in a place where its being undisturbed... let's say for a 24 hours. I tied the rope below my dinning table, undisturbed place as well as by switching on fan also, it will not affect my work.

4) Initially i poured 100 gm gum followed by 50 ml water and 50 gm corn powder. i.,e 2 : 1 : 1 for Gum : Water : Corn flour mix it well without lumps

5) Put your thread roll, roll it, let it sit in it for 1 - 2 mins

6) Mean while, since i had no helping hand to put the thread, soak it the gum mixture and give it to me (more messy but funny too) . I thought of making it less mess by put it in box,close the lid with small hole in it. Allowing the thread to pass through freely as well the gum mixture is well combined with the thread (make sure of this part)

7) I tried putting hole with knife, of course it didn't work.. Later i poked a hole by needle and developed further with scissor

8) Pull the thread out and check, it should move freely

Step 3: Roll Roll & Roll , Like You Can't Roll Anymore

1) Tie the balloon at the centre of the rope, try choosing a comfortable portion because you gonna spend more time there.

TIP: Put some vaseline or petroleum jelly around your balloon

2) Before rolling, place newspaper to prevent gum mixture stain in your floor. check my last image , you don't want that to happen in your floor..

3) Start rolling, keep marked portion above untouched.

4) while rolling you might find little little challenges like the balloon will get twisted around the rope, adapting to roll 360 degree as your hand might follow the same pattern as it did earlier. As far balloon twist with rope, i hold the thread and left the balloon to spin, so that it untangled with the twisting of rope. don't worry your rolled thread will not come out. Hold the balloon once in a while between the rotation.

5) I didn't use gloves, if you prefer wearing gloves don't wear big gloves wear exactly the same size as your hands because then only your control over thread will be good.

6) After a hour the mixture of gum + water + corn flour got over, so again i added them in 2 : 1 : 1 ratio and continued my rolling.

7) After 3 hours of rolling ... ahhh finally i was done.. stared at it for few mins.. it was looking like cracked dragon's egg or spidey's web or tailor bird nest.

Step 4: Pop It After 12 Hours

1) First image was taken the next day morning (pretty much full dry)..

2) Balloon was popped almost after 12 hour

3) I didn't find any trouble taking out the balloon except for top portion of balloon, since vaseline was not applied there, they might have got little bit struck. also due to gravity all the gum mixture reached the surface through this way only.

4) Even the green marker's mark is absorbed by thread. Anyways don't bother we gonna paint it RED

5) The gum mixture has given its own pattern between the thread.. i kept few as such and popped the other few

Step 5: Just Spray PAINT It

1) Find a open place to spray paint, I used red colour - Aerosol spray

2) Again i kept a newspaper at bottom to prevent the red stain in my terrace

3) Keeping spraying in all direction, also this is a quick dry one..

4) Approximately keep a distance of 12" and start spraying and the maintain the same distance equally. Because if you spray very near the colour comes different at the end.

5) I sprayed internally also

6) Last image is my final out come

Step 6: Applications of Your Awesome String Decor

Once you spray painted and done with drying, Next part is venturing to visualise the awesomeness which you have been spending your time into,

First spot

  • I have placed in already existing yellow light mounted, it had cone type projection, also string decor size was a perfect fit for it (fortunately).. It was giving a Reddish pink glow.. Eye catchy

Second Try

  • Placed a torch light inside it, switched off the other lights to see the effect, Image 5 & 6

Third Try

  • Attached flexible SMD Red LED and gave supply through 9V battery. It was giving fire like shades, Image 7 to 9

Fourth Try

  • Combination of both Torch light and SMD led gave another look, Image 10 & 11

Fifth Idea

  • Its still in process, but will definitely post soon.

This can be decor light, Night lamp stand, Kids clamping fire bowl (Flickering Led inside), Halloween effect as blood veins, Star glazer with rotating light inside will give different effect.. Uses are unlimited for this Red dome .. Go crazy..

Step 7: Thank You Note

1) Thank you for watching my instructable

2) Keep me posted if you have done this.

3) Any doubts please post in the comment

4) See you all in my next instructable

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