Introduction: D.I.Y. T-Shirt Flip-Flops!!!

Here are SIX easy steps to a beautiful D.I.Y.'d T-Shirt Flip-Flop! Follow these easy steps and use at-home materials to make your own wonderful creation!!!

Step 1: Materials!

*Old t-shirt w/ shirt sleeves

* Fabric

* Scissors

*Sewing needle

*Thread that matches your show/t-shirt or just a plain color

*Old/inexpensive flip-flops

Step 2: Prep & Cut!

(NOTE: Strips should be at least 1-inch thick. BEFORE: Make sure after cutting the seams, cut off the bulgy part of the leftover seam as well.) Take your old t-shirt and cut strips from the bottom. It doesn’t matter how many, but just cut a bunch depending on the size. For the whole project, I cut about 5 - 6 rings. So, if you’ve cut, say, 6, after cutting the seams, you should have 12 strips.

Step 3: Shoe Prep!

Preparing the shoe: Take out the plastic parts of the shoes. (I switched shoes later, my old ones for $1.00 ones from Dollar Tree.)

Step 4: Design the Shoe!

(NOTE: Before you tie off the knots and cut off excess, adjust it to your comfort and check for fitting often.) Take three strips of shirt and start to braid them. Then, feed them into the front hole in the shoe, making sure you come out of the bottom, then tie a knot and cut the extra strips at the bottom of the knot. Then, from there, after you’ve braided the first braid of the shoe, take two out of three pieces of the strips and add an extra cut strip onto that one, going to the left hole. To do this, you’ll need to put the strip underneath the other two strips, having four strips now, then start to braid it and feed into the left hole, tie a knot, then cut off the extra strips at the bottom. Do this exact process on the right side, but since you have one strip on this side, fold an extra strip in half, loop it around the single strip, then braid. Finish off the same way. Do this process for each shoe.

Step 5: T-Shirt Flower!

Cut 1 shirt ring, and cut it in half, making two strips. Put the strips together, then start to wrap them around two of your fingers, making sure the wraps are still overlapping each other and stay on top of each wrap. Stay in one place. After securely wrapping it, take it off your fingers and grab a thin piece of the shirt, or string, and tie it tightly in the middle. Cut the ends of the thin string after it is tightly tied to the balled strips. Next, grab fabric scissors and cut the loops of the strips on each side, and start to fluff them. It should look like a small puff ball. Make two of these.

Step 6: Sewing!

Place the pom-pom ½ - 1 inch from the bottom of the front braid of the shoe. Start to sew from the under the braid up into the pom, and back down. Make a sort of “x” pattern on the bottom of the pom-pom, making sure it’s securely attached to the front braid. Do this to both shoes.

Step 7: Bonus D.I.Y. Fringe Ankle Bracelets!

Grab the same color shirt and cut off the short sleeves. Because it’s slanted it will give a great short-long-short effect for your shoe! Fold the cut sleeve in half, making it look like a side triangle, and start cutting to the seam, but leaving some uncut in the back the go on the back of your ankle. After the fringe is cut, cut any excess shirt from the bottom half of the back where you didn’t cut, making it an inch of shirt on the back. Then, cut in the middle of the seam on the back, which you can now see it’s open and cut in the direct middle. Cut any bulgy parts of the seam from the middle off. Then, with the fringe in front, tie non-fringe on the back of your ankle. And now you’re done!

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