Introduction: DIY Table Top Puppet Theater/ Portable Puppet Theater

Matierials needed:
~Two 5x31 3/4in peices of plywood
~Three 25x6in peices of plywood
~One 15x25in peice of plywood
~Two 5x15in peices of plywood
~One 25x5in peice of plywood
~5/8in dowel rod
~Any fabric of choice (I used a curtain)
~3/4 Spade bit
~A drill
~Paint (optional)
~Ruler/Meter stick/Tape measure
~Nail gun/Hammer
~Scrap wood
~Wood glue

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

Measure and cut Larger peices of plywood in to the Required lengths:

~Two 5x31 3/4in peices of plywood
~Two 25x5in peices of plywood
~One 15x25in peice of plywood

Step 2: Cutting Holes for Dowel Rod

Cut a 3/4in whole in your 5x35in peices of wood with your spade bit and drill drill it 29in high and centered or 2 1/2 inches from the edge

Step 3: Gluing and Nailing Together

Attach and glue the 5x31 3/4 peice of wood to the 15in side of the 15x25in peice of wood make sure it faces you repeat with the other side. Then, nail 25x5in peice of wood to top of the structure. Next, get scrap wood and glue to corners of the inside of the box. Then glue and nail 25x5in peice of wood to the top part of the front of the booth. Then, add a peice of scrap wood to the part of the booth that pokes out in the center.

Step 4: Sanding

After glue dries for five minutes sand the booth top to bottom so that painting will be easier.

Step 5: Painting

Add two coats of spray paint to the booth

Step 6: Making the Curtains

Cut the fabric of your choice 15in highand 12 1/2inches long do this step twice. I cut where the markings where and used a pin to help mark the, poke or cut holes in curtain so that a 1/2 dowel rod can fit through or if you have a curtain like Me i just cut from the top to save efort. To make this easier I used the first one as a model for the second one.

Step 7: Finishing

Add finishing details with sharpie. Then put dowel rod halfway through and slide on the curtain

Step 8: Final Product

have fun with your puppet theater how to make puppets coming soon!
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