Introduction: DIY Thor's Stormbreaker (Half Size)

About: My name is Raghav.I live in a small town named Jabalpur in the central state of India. I'm currently pursuing in the feild of CS. I like to draw,play soccer, watch tv series and movies.

My first marvel universe movie was Avengers.I went with my cousins to watch it in cinema hall.I have been a fan ever since. Recently I was going through an online shopping website and saw toy of stormbreaker. I didn't like it because it didn't look like the original one. I thought to myself,I can make one myself which will look more real(and cost less).


Thermocol sheet
Cardboard roll
Geometry Box(ruler, protector,rounder)
Painting colour(black,white,brown)
Shoe lace/wire
Marker/black pen
White glitter paint(not necessary)

Step 1: Research and Planning

Note-If you want to follow along to my way you can skip to step 2.
Since I don't have the tools or knowledge to make the hammer using wood or metal,i will be using cardboard,paper and thermocol sheet.
First i made a collection of different images of Stormbreaker from Google and pinterest.
Then i made a rough plan-divide it into parts(hammer part,axe part,centre base and handle)
Then taking one of the side image of hammer,i copied it by putting a paper on my phone to get a rough image given in image 1.
I decided to make the hammer of half the size of orignal one(So if you want to make a full size hammer just double up all the dimensions given in upcoming steps).Then using the rough image i drew the map of how my hammer would actually look(image 2 and 3).

Step 2: Hammer Part

I think everyone has made a cube from paper.Just draw 6 square so that when folded will turn into a cube.
We will make our hammer the same way. Take a drawing sheet and draw as given in the the first image.
Then complete the drawing part by copying 2nd and 3rd image.
Important-Dont forget to leave extra space for joining/sticking.
Once drawn cut precisely/remove unwanted sheet and then fold to form the hammer.
Then take a piece of hard cardboard and cut it into a rectangle of dimensions 7.5cm x 4.5cm
Now join the hammer and carboard.It will look like image 4 and 5.
As seen in images from step one,there are pieces stuck on the hammer.Now cut a circle of radius 2.1cm and 4 rectangular slips of dimensions 8cm x 0.5cm.Stick them on the hammer and then colour the hammer.It will look as given in image 6
Note-Colour as you prefer.I used two shades of grey that i made from black and white.To make it look shiny i used a white glitter colour. Also i used images of Stormbreaker to colour.
Use a black pen to draw the designs to complete the hammer

Step 3: Axe Part

Take a thermocol sheet and draw as given in image 1 and 2.
Cut the marked piece out(image 3 and 4).
Now to make it look like a blade we use a knife/blade and cut out the marked part between 9.6cm and 13 cm.
It should look like image 5.
Make another piece similar but inverted.
Next,draw the same on cardboard (image 6).
Draw this twice.
Cut it into two pieces and stick it on the thermocol piece.
It should look like image 7
Stick paper to the disconnected part and colour it white.(image 8)
Now cut the end which was marked X in image 1 and stick it to hard cardboard piece of 7.5cm x 4.5cm.
Now we make extra pieces-
Image 9 pieces using cardboard
Image 10 pieces using paper
Then stick the pieces and colour.(image 11)
*Then i finished the piece by drawing the designs and colouring it with white glitter paint to give a shiny look.(image 12 and 13)

Step 4: Centre Base and Handle

Center Base is rather simple.Cut a piece from thermocol sheet of dimensions 7.7cm x 4.5cm.
(Try to have a thermocol of thickness 2cm)
For the handle i used a cardboard roll(radius-1.3cm) but it was a little short (required length-42cm)so I had to insert a piece of wood at the rear end .(image 2-this image is an early one,i assembled all pieces to see how it looked)

Step 5: Joining the Pieces

First join the base and handle.For this i taped two pieces of small sharpened pencil on the handle and stuck it in the lower part of centre base.(you can use any other way as per your preference)

Now using pins join the hammer and axe part to the centre base.

Then on the handle, tape pieces of wire and/or lace (this will give it grooves).
Now the whole roll is covered with grooves.
Before covering the roll,as in Stormbreaker,we need to cover centre base with vines.For this i used lace(since I was not able to colour the lace i covered it with paper) as given in image 1
I made 3 vines.(now I think it was not enough)

Now that vines are made,we make mixture of glue and water( both same amount).
Tear pieces of paper,put the mixture on it using brush and stick them on the handle.
End the hammer by colouring the handle and vines.

Step 6: Finish

Now that the hammer is completed,show it to your friends.Before Stormbreaker,I made a mini Mjolnir too.(with just paper)
Making it was fun.
I hope you enjoy this instructable.

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