Introduction: DIY Carbon Paper

This is how to make carbon paper using pencil lead.
picture you wish to transfer

Step 1: Draw on the Back

Ok, take the picture and flip it over. now draw over the back of the picture heavily. you may want to hold it up to a light and see how much more you need to shade. you only need to shade over the parts that you want transferred.

Step 2: Get Drawing

Place the picture over the blank paper so the picture is over the place where you want it on your blank paper. Then, trace over the picture. the lead on the back of the picture will be transferred to the blank paper. Make sure you don't trace too lightly, or it may not transfer. do not move the picture while drawing because it's very hard to put it back into place. if you must, tape it down so it won't move. when you think you're done, double check by looking where the pencil lead is on the picture.

Step 3: Go Over

because it is very light, you should go over it. this will make it more visible.

Step 4: Finished!

Now you are done! this technique can be used for a variety of things, so be creative!