Introduction: DIY Trifold Paper Folding Guide

You can easily make this project with to help fold trifold papers. All you need is a piece of cardboard the same size as the paper, for example the cardboard on the back of a notepad, and some tape! (I used packing tape.) Enjoy!

Step 1: Cut Cardboard

Measure and draw lines dividing the cardboard into 3 equal segments. These lines will be where you would be folding the paper. Then, cut along these lines.

Step 2: Tape Pieces Back Together

Tape the pieces back together. You will be creating hinges at the cuts. Tape on only one side. I used packing tape, but any wide tape will work. I first put the piece of tape on one pice, letting it hang over the side, and then laid it on the other piece and pressed the tape down. I then trimmed the ends of the tape flush with the cardboard.

Step 3: Use It!

Lay the template on the table with the tape facing up. Lay the piece of paper you will be folding on top of it. Then, all you need to do is bend down the cardboard along the tape edges, folding the paper inside it. Then, do the other side. You are done! It helps a lot if you hold the paper down to the hinges on the cardboard. Leave a comment down below if you tried this!

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