Introduction: DIY Tripod for Your Own Mobile Phone

This is my first sketch. I want to make a wooden triangle board with four holes. Three holes will give the tripod stabillity by adding PVC tubes. In the middle I want to have two PVC tubes. One smaller tube and one bigger, so it can act as a hinge.

I have made a 3D sketch with tinkercad. Excuse me for the ugly sketch, but this is just a rough idea for what it should look like.

Eventually, I would like to make this tri-pod using garbage. Things that people would throw away.

Step 1: Step 1: Create the Surface

For this step I used some PVC tubes that I don't use, and wood that will be thrown out.

First, I made a svg file for laser cutting a small piece of wood. The diameter of the circles are 1.7 cm. The PVC tubes itself is around 1.65 cm. The reason why I made the circle bigger will be explained in step 2. I cut 4 pieces of pvc. You can cut the tube depending on how tall the tri-pod you would like to be. You can change the surface of your triangle by how you would like.

For designing the surface, I used InkScape. It is a tool that is easy to use, and free! If you don't have a laser cutter, try to saw it, but be careful with the circles. If it is rushed, I will have a solution stating in Step 2.

Step 2: Assembling the Parts...

In step 1, I said to make the wholes a tiny bit bigger than the PVC tube. The reason for this is because I use the glue gun to stick the parts onto the wooden plank. The glue that comes out of the glue gun is quite thick and strong. Therefore the space must be big (in this case small) enough to let the glue sink into the hole propperly.

For my mobile stance and the turning hinge I again used the PVC tubes, because my goal is to use garbage as a product. First I take a larger PVC tube and one tube that is about 2.5 cm shorter. On the top of the larger PVC tube i sawed on two spaces. The distance between those points are the thickness of your mobile phone, so it can act as a mobile stance. FYI: Rub the edges with sandpaper, as it can damage your phone!!!

The PVC tube with the two sawed of pieces has to be heated, so you can bend the lower part of the tube. That way you can stick it inside the other PVC tube.

I used a vacuum machine as heating source to heat the tube. Too bad that I used PVC, because it tends to move back at its original form. It is a very strong material, so I suggest to make the phone stance and the turning hinge with other materials. Nevertheless, it works!

I also added a 3D printed letters on it. It does NOT give any functionality. Just for my grade :)

Step 3: Step 3: Finishing the Product

In the last step I added my stance for the phone with glue. Just like step 2, make sure you add enough glue to make it stick.

Then, I added a small led. Take 1 led, 1 resistor and a 7V battery. Create the power circuit and just glue it at your own prefered spot.

The product is done!

Please know that this is just a prototype. but a working one!

For your mobile stance, I suggest to make it from different material, but PVC does also work.

I created my product with garbage except for the light, but that is optional.

Have fun!