Introduction: DIY Tutorial - DIY Tutorial - How to Make Sterling Silver Pendant As Wedding Gift(wedding Monogram Initial Disc)!

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Tools and materials:

Sterling Silver,

mark pen,

welding powder,

welding tools,

polishing tools,



polishing machine etc

Step 1: Design

On the paper, the size and proportion of the designed letters will be roughly described, and the needed materials will be marked.

Step 2: Trimming

Use a ruler to draw a mark on the silver piece, and clip the marking line along the silver piece with the scissors.

Step 3: Softening

Heat the silver piece to soften it and cool it with cold water to prevent burns.

Step 4: Edges Polishing

With a soft hammer, the silver piece will be hammered to be flat. Then we use the scissors to trim the silver piece, because the cutting position is relatively sharp and we will use tools to make it smooth.

Step 5: Textures Making

Choose the texture hammer you want, hammer on the silver piece to leave the beautiful textures.

Step 6: Letters Making

Mark the lines on the silver pieces with a marker pen, and choose the letters after the arrangement of the letters, knocking the letters one by one on the silver piece.

Step 7: Drilling

At the top of the silver piece, a small hole will be drilled with an electric drill.

Step 8: Fine Grinding and Clean Polishing

Using polishing tools to finely polish the various parts of the silver piece and put it into the machine, clean and polish.

Step 9: Completed!!

This is a silver pendant of alphabets, it has the concise style decorated by a molded alphanumeric and corrugated, which makes people feel happy and fresh, for the most important meanings are already being known.

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