Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Handmake a Marble Texture Resin Gemstone Bracelet With Polymer Clay!

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Tools and Materials:
polymer clay (Black, White, Grey, Blue)


jewelry accessories

925 Silver-Plated Brass Necklace, Pearl etc.

Step 1: Mixing

Take a little white, black clay, mixing up(do not full mixing). Put into gemstone base.

Step 2: Textures Making

Using a smooth tool, and scraping the clay, after will be forming a marble texture.

Step 3: Textures Making Another Style

The same as the second step of the operation, produced a bluish-white mixed random texture.

Step 4: Baking

Baking, put into the oven and be baked. The temperature is 80 ℃ and the time is 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 5: Making Resin Gemstone

Take a little UV glue on the surface, and placed in a violet light for about 5min.

Step 6: With Necklace

We will match up the resin gemstone with the necklaces, ear hooks and ear wires that we like, so as to make out the jewelry we want.

Step 7: Complete!!

DIY Tutorial - How to make a marble texture resin gemstone bracelet with polymer clay!

In this video, we share a way to make a marble texture with polymer clay and a way to make the resin gemstone. Hope you will like it!