DIY UPCycle Ottoman/Coffee Table/Arcade

Introduction: DIY UPCycle Ottoman/Coffee Table/Arcade

This is a fun upcycle diy project involving an old suitcase, 8" sofa legs, and a vintage-style gaming setup. All together, you could likely complete this project in as much time as it takes the glue and finish to dry. It is wildly simple, and I really like the look.

Step 1: Attaching Legs

I purchased a vintage, Samsonite, suitcase from a thrift-store, and attached amazon ordered sofa legs to the bottom. To do this, I simply went to home depot and purchased a cheap piece of plywood to fit the bottom of the suitcase, drilled holes for the legs, and used a lock washer/nut combo to attach the legs. Originally, I was worried about this setup, but, they are surprisingly sturdy.

Step 2: Simple "Cabinet" Assembly.

Next, I used another, fitted piece of plywood, and attached two 1x4s to either side. The joystick and buttons I purchased required a spade bit.

Step 3:

This is the assembled version. I used wood glue for a clean and easy look. The goal was to make something simple and easy to replicate. This is not a technical build.

Step 4:

This is the unfinished "cabinet" sitting inside the opened suitcase.

Step 5:

Apply finish (wish I had gone lighter).

Step 6: JoyStick/Buttons/Raspberry PI

The joystick/button setup is very easy, and there are a lot of possible game options. I purchased the tv at a pawnshop for 20$. I also considered installing an old vhs player, perhaps later. All in all, I think the entire build cost me a little over 100$. And the final product looks great as an Ottoman/Coffee table, and when opened, the gaming system is a lot of fun with zero mess/clutter. Currently, I have a raspberry pi 3b/retropie installed (There are thousands of tutorials online -- It's not hard). However, I am considering the use of an original xbox/vintage SNES as well. You can hookup whatever media you want.

**When closed, I simply lay the tv down, inside.

Final cost - Rounding up:

Raspbery PI (Gaming system of choice) - $50

Joystick/Buttons - $20

Wood - $10

Suitcase - $10

Legs - $15

TV - $20

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    4 years ago

    This seems pretty easy to build, but how do you wire the buttons to the raspberry pi?
    Could you add a link to the raspberry pi gaming setup?