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Lisa is the queen of vegan, a massive nerd (girl to my heart) and an active feminist in her everyday life. When she came to buy or diy, I was expecting to create something kitchen related, so when she said she needed helped with her vanity mirror, I was both shocked and over the moon!

Lisa currently lives in a cozy basement apartment with her partner. Everything in her home serves a purpose and she’s made it her own, decorating the space with fun elements that show off her nerdy side. Lisa’s design style is classic, clean and neutral with a sprinkle of whimsical nerd. She loves the old hollywood vanities and has a huge passion for rose gold and Sailor Moon which literally makes my nery insides giddy. Her current makeup station is dark and has a small round mirror and a tiny silver lamp to give her light! This is not a space that inspires beauty! Lisa is an awesome girl and she deserves a vanity station that is bright, beautiful and inspires her to feel good when starting her day.

THE PLAN: If there is one thing I know about beauty routines, it’s the importance of having GOOD EVEN LIGHT. I’m bringing in all that old hollywood vanity love by sourcing a big square mirror, which i’ll frame with rose gold. I’ll then source LED Vanity Bulbs and place them on the mirror to look like a true hollywood vanity mirror. To feed her nerdy side, I’m brightening up Lisa’s dark desktop with a custom white paper that will sit underneath the glass. The paper will be custom designed with DIY sailor moon inspired stamp that i’ll stamp all over the paper in rose gold to match the mirror. All in all, my idea incorporates all of Lisa’s style needs, and On Behalf Of The Moon - I will right wrongs and triumph over evil and win this DIY! (get it? it’s a sailor moon thing…)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here's what you're going to need for this project!


  • 1x 30x40 frameless mirror
  • 2x Peel/stick LED vanity light sets
  • 4x wall mirror clips - Mirror Wall Hanging Kit
  • Painters tape
  • Rose Gold Spray Paint
  • Clear Finish Spray
  • Brown craft paper


  • 1x small wood block
  • 1x lino cutter
  • 1x stamp carving block
  • 1x roll white paper
  • 1x rose gold ink pad
  • 1x moon icon printout
  • 1x transfer paper got glue


  • Dollar Store Makeup Organizers
  • Rose Gold Spray Paint
  • 300 Grit Sandpaper
  • Clear Finish Spray Paint

Step 2: Rose Gold Frame

Measure a border around the mirror and mark with a mirror safe marker. I’ve measure 4” for my mirror but feel free to make a depth that works for yours!

Step 3: Hide Exposed Areas

Tape and cover inside mirror making sure there are no exposed areas showing.

Step 4: Ventilate

Take your mirror to a well ventilated space (garage or outside) and carefully spray the exposed frame. Cover until you are happy with the look.

TIP: Stay about 1 foot distance from the mirror and use short bursts in the same direction. Continue this until fully covered. Yes, this take a while but this will ensure you have even coverage and zero paint pooling. (ick)

Let dry.

Step 5: Clear It Up!

Cover border with a clear coat spray paint.

Let dry.

Step 6: Reveal

Remove tape and inside cover - VOILA!

Step 7: Attach the Lights

Peel and stick your vanity light lot evenly around the frame and attach together. Well, that was easy!

Most light kits will have loose wire exposed between each light. I’ve simply pulled mine to the back side of the mirror and secured with tape. Any wire exposed on the front, I’ve painted a fun copper color.

Plug in and enjoy!


If you own a desk with a glass top that sits on the wood top, a simple way to add some personality and flare is to add a piece of wallpaper or personalized paper underneath.

Step 9: Stamp

Print out or draw your stamp to design to desired size. We used the Sailor moon icon for our lovely client Lisa. Place a piece of transfer paper (find at sewing or craft stores) between print out and stamp carving block (use the quick speedy blocks) and trace over design.

Using a lino cutter, carefully carve away the block material from the design. Start with smallest blade and work up to bigger blade. All you need left is the raised design, trim away any extra material.

Hot glue your rubber stamp to a scrap piece of wood. This makes it easier to hold your stamp, plus you can keep your stamp and use it many times. Win/Win!

Step 10: Print

Cut and measure the paper to the size of your desktop, using an ink pad in rose gold, stamp any pattern you wish on your paper roll. Stamps are not perfect, embrace the uneven prints you make as part of the design. If you can’t find an ink pad, you can use paint, brush on as evenly as possible, and wipe away excess between stamps

Step 11: Consider a Makeup Organizer

Makeup organizers are a great way to organize your makeup and keep it on display! A lot of trendy makeup organizers can be costly, so I visited my local dollar store and found cute clear makeup organizers that only cost me a total of $5 to buy.

I then personalize the organizers with spray paint!

Step 12: Lightly Sand

Provide a light sand over the surfaces using a 300-grit sandpaper. The idea is to rough up the surfaces (just a little) so that your spray paint has something to grab onto.

Step 13: Prep

Prep your organizers in a well ventilated space, and protect your table surfaces with a drop cloth or throw away paper.

Step 14: Spray Part 1

Evenly spray paint the organizers until fully covered. Try and create an even spray across staying about a half a foot of distance away from the object. Doing small sprays vs heavy sections help avoid pooling with your paint.


Step 15: Spray Part 2

Spray a clear top coat on your organizers to make sure the paint is locked in an more durable for everyday wear and tear.

Step 16: Enjoy!

Check out Buy or DIY for more of these cute projects and let me know in the comments what you think of this project!

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