DIY Vintage Boho Floral Headband




Introduction: DIY Vintage Boho Floral Headband

This is a tutorial for a floral headband using fake flowers inspired by Lana del Ray. 
You can use different colors such as pinks and yellows for a more spring feel.
Happy crafting!

Step 1:

STEP ONE: Things you need

-fake flowers
-hot glue gun

Step 2:

STEP TWO: (optional)

Wrap the elastic around your head and cut to the appropriate length.
Take a pencil and mark the center and the two sides of your head. This is so you know where to stop attaching flowers.
This step is optional if you want to cover the whole headband with flowers.

Step 3:

STEP THREE: Cut the flowers and leaves

Make sure to cut the little green stems off the flowers so you can glue them down flat later.

Step 4:

STEP FOUR: Glue the leaves

Place the leaves down flat at different angles so they stick out behind the flowers. This will make a base for your headband.
Be careful with the hot glue!

Step 5:

STEP FIVE: Glue the flowers

Now place your flowers in clusters on top of the leaves.

Step 6:


Glue the ends of your elastic together. Double check before gluing!
Let it sit for two to three minutes so it can dry completely before trying it on. You do not want hot glue in your hair :)

Step 7:

STEP SEVEN: Look fabulous

Try on your new headband and take a pic! You can wear this with your hair up or loosely curled for a more bohemian feel.

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    Hello catinthehat :)
    Great instructable! I really love this... And the headband is so pretty! I must make one! Thanks for sharing!

    Kirin :D


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! It's nice to get positive input on my work