Introduction: DIY WALLET



STEP 1: gather materials (duct tape and scissors)

Step 1:

Cut 2 identical medium pieces of duct tape

Step 2:

Lay the 2 pieces of tape down on a surface. Then fold one on top of the other smoothly. Repeat this 3 times.

Step 3:

Here is what it should look like after repeating step 2, 3 times.

Step 4:

Push the 3 sets of tape together, then cut tiny pieces of tape to tape the 3 sets together.

Step 5:

This is how it should look like when the 3 sets are taped together.

Step 6:

Fold it in half and cut a little piece of tape. Tape the little piece to the side of the folded wallet to close the spaces on the side.

Step 7: This Is How to Close the Space

Step 8: This Is How the Closed Side Should Look Like

Step 9:

Cut another piece of tape and cut it down the middle to wrap around the wallet, separating it into 2 pockets.

Step 10:

This is how the 2 pocket wallet should look like.

Step 11:

Final product

Step 12: Pictures

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