DIY Water Candles

Introduction: DIY Water Candles

Light is life. Be it in any form, shape or size. DIY water candles is a simple project with very few supplies needed to brighten your home.


1. 3 small glass bowls

2. Cotton wick

3. Water

4. Oil

5. Match-box

6. Food colors

Step 1: Build the Candles

This is a simple project and needs few supplies to accomplish. You could use small or a medium glass bowls. Refer pic 1. Use regular cotton wicks. Collect water in bowls to half the level. Add some food colors and stir the water. Add oil on top of water and stir again. Refer pic 2. Place wicks in the bowl. Light the candle using the match-stick or a lighter.

Your DIY water candles are ready to light your home and its a great decoration idea!

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    Question 1 year ago

    I see the small plastic discs in the supply photo... are these used to thread the wicks so they can float better?


    Answer 1 year ago

    Yes. That is correct. It acts as a support for the wicks to stand straight :-)