Introduction: DIY Wedding Cake Cutting Utensilsand Bride and Grooms Glasses

DIY / upcycled wedding cake cutter and Bride and Groom Glasses

We needed Cake Cutting Utensils and Glasses on the cheap and so here is how we did it.

We wanted to have a nice wedding with 125-135 guests on a $14,000 max budget, so we had to plan and do most it ourselves. We had 8 months and 14000 budget and many projects. I will try to publish most of them.

Step 1: Materials

Note= Since we knew it was to be DIY as soon as I got word I started gathering embellishments like ribbons and garlands from thrift stores and using coupons from joans every week.


Basic Craft Materials:Scissors, Tape, Adhesives E600 is what I use, hot glue Wire, spray adhesive, thread and needles

Embellishments : Ribbons, Crystals, Trim, Mini Flowers, Etc (check the bargain and scrap bins at local fabric and thrift stores) Embellishments:TIny flowers RIbbon

You can get a plain cake cutter utensils and glasses at any department store or craft store, you can also get them from thrift stores. If you would like glasses that say bride and groom you can have it done or .. get the sandblaster gun and grit at harbor freight with a 20% coupon and diy. You can also buy the stencils at any craft store or DIY by tracing your monogram or letters onto a piece of plastic cut from milk jugs. Please practice first.

Step 2: Details and Embellishments

Once you have gathered the materials add them to your glasses and cake cutter sets

Step 3: Enjoy