Introduction: DIY Whirlpool in 3 Steps

Water is a fascinating thing. But it can become even more exciting when you can make whirlpools in 3 simple steps! All you need are 2 water bottles and some masking tape.

Step 1: Drain the Water From the Water Bottles

First, you'll need to empty the bottles. Drain all of the water out of one, and drain about half of the water from the other. If you think that there is too much water, drain it out some more. If there is too little water, fill it up to the desired height. P.S: Make sure the bottles are sturdy and can't be broken.

Step 2: Tape the Bottles Together.

Next, put the empty bottle on top of the filled bottle and tap them together. Make sure that you tape over the lips of the openings of the bottles.

Step 3: Test the Whirlpool Maker.

Quickly flip the whirlpool maker upwards so the bottle with water in it starts draining into the bottom one. Do it over a sink, so if it starts leaking, the water will be caught. If it does start leaking, add more tape around the lips. If it doesn't leak, test 3 more times to be sure.

Step 4: Completion

Congratulations! You just made a whirlpool in a bottle! Keep it as a toy, or give it to someone you know.