Introduction: DIY White Paper Wall Decor

Hi, in this instructables lets make a wall decor with paper.

The things required to make this wall decor are





So lets get started


1 Take a 10X10 cm square paper.

2 Mark 1234 to the 4 sides

3 Now join 1 and 3 to make a triangle and then fold the triangle in the middle to make a smaller triangle and repeat the same for the third time.


4 Now, you will see a side of the triangle open. Leave both the corners of the open side and make the shape from the third corner that has both its sides closed.

5 Now mark a design keeping the closed corner the base of the flower petal and cut along the marked design.

6 Cut very little of the tip to give the base of the flower a base.


7 Now open the flower and cut the edges of the petals a little further, so that the petals seems to be separate from each other.

8 Make more of such layers and for inner layers make in smaller sizes.

9 For the inner most layer, cut outer edge of each petal clearly without disturbing the base of the layer, then with the help of a small tooth pick or a skewer, slightly pull each of the petal from base to the tip to give it a bend. (Keep the toothpick in the centre of the petal horizontally so that the base of the petal is in the middle and then gently pull the tookpick upwards sliding it through the petal till its top)

10 Paste the base of the layers one above the other from large to small and finally the inner most layer.


1 Take a 10X10 cm square paper.

2 Make a cone shape out of it, by joining the opposite sides of it and pasting them to form a cone like shape and make more of such cones depending on the size of your base. And for the inner layers, make cones out of smaller sized squares.


3 Make a base either out of cardboard or newspaper. I didn't had cardboard at my home, so I went for making out a base with 5 or 6 sheets of newspaper cut into a circle and pasted over each other to form a firm base.

4 Now start sticking the bigger cones closely (without much gap between two cones) to the outer layer of the base and continue to do the same in circles (Layer by Layer).


5 Moving into the inner layers, start using smaller version of the cones and even smaller ones for the inner most layers. (You may not be able to use your fingers to stick the cone in the inner layers, please stick them using a thinner stick or back side of pen)

6 Now your huge Dahlia is ready.

Step 7: ROSE

1 Take 3 square pieces of paper. ( I used 20X20 cm and 10X10 cm)

2 Take a square piece of paper and fold them diagonally and to form a triangle shape, fold it again in the middle to make a triangle and then again to make a smaller triangle (You should fold three times. Triangle= 3 Sides = 3 Folds).

3 Ignore both the sides/Corner leading to open sides and mark from the close sided corner the shape of a petal considering the corner to be the base of the petal.(Just like the Small Dahlia, the shape of the petal varies)

Step 8: ROSE

4 Now cut a small tip portion in the base to make the flower have a base and open the flower.

5 Repeat the same with other two squares also.

6 Now take a layer of the flower and cut only one petal (Don’t throw it away) and now stick together the 1st and the 7th petal and your outer layer of the flower is ready.

7 Take 2nd layer and cut two petals (We will use this also later) and stick together the 1st and 6th petal and your next layer of the flower is ready.

8 Take 3rd layer and cut three petals (Right… Keep this also safe and we will need this very soon) and paste the 1st and 5th petal together and next layer of the flower is done.

Step 9: ROSE

9 Now we will start making the inner layers of the flower with the cut petals. First take the 3 petals and paste the outer corner of the 1st and 3rd petal and form the next layer of the flower.

10 Now with the 2 petal stick the outer corners together, to make cone shape and for the inner most layer with the help of a skewer or tooth pick, start to the roll the single petal along the toothpick, to make a thinner cone.

11 To give a natural curvy effect to the petals, with the help of the toothpick or thin stick slightly roll/bend the upper tip of the flower outside, repeat the same for each petal.

12 Now start to stick the base of each layer staring from the ones that are having large number of petals to smaller ones. As your reach to stick the inner layers, you may feel that the height of the inner layer are too tall so that it doesn’t fit to to the figure of a natural rose, in that case, slightly(Not too much, very little at a time check and repea if necessary) cut the base of the layer to reduce its height and give a real look.

13 Now your Paper Rose is ready


1 The base for these flowers remains the same as the rose or for the Dahlia like a square piece of paper folded thrice as (Triangle 1-2-3) and then from the corner of the closed sides, mark the petal shape and cut the same.

2 I have made these flowers without much of layers since they look elegant and cool even with only two layers. (You can opt to have more layers with different sizes)


3 For the centre portions, take a strip of paper with small height about 3cm but a long strip like length about 15cm.

4 Now cut one end of the strip every 1mm till half the height and uncut end form the base of the button and repeat to cut along the length(15 cm) of the strip. (You can also slightly fold without making crease along the length and make the smaller cuts so that you can cover the length to be cut easily)

5 Now from one corner start to roll the strip with the help of a toothpick or thin stick to form the centre button for the flower.

6 Now stick the glue all over the base(Uncut side) and the stick the layers that are rolled in, so that they don’t roll out very easily. And let it dry for some time.

7 After the base button has dried, glue it to the centre of the flowe and your Button Poppes are ready.


1 Take a piece of paper and fold into two equal halves.

2 Then from the closed side of the paper, start to draw the outline of the butterfly (one side).

3 Now cut along the outline and your butterfly is ready to fly.


You can make flowers of these styles in different sizes and different colours and arrange them to decorate your wall or make a flower wreath out of it and they are also perfect your party and festive decorations as well.

I just love white to make the look simple, elegant and classy.

Go and try out your favourite choice and make your place a happy sweet and colourful home of your style.

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