Introduction: Complete Home Cleaning

This instructable will cover almost all kind of cleaning ways to clean everything in our home.
The materials used are:

  • Mild detergent soap
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Waste cotton cloth
  • Scrubber
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner attachments

Step 1: Switch Boards

Switch boards in kitchen often become dirtier faster. Cleaning it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Apply mild soap on a cotton cloth and clean the switch board.

Wipe the dirt present on the switch and frame.

Use an old tooth brush to clean the top and bottom side of the switches

Then wipe the switch board with clean dry cloth

Step 2: Doors

Fungus and molds grow in door during cold or humid condition. You can use a mild dish wash soap and scrubber to clean it.

  • Dry clean the door with duster
  • Pour water on the door making it wet completely.
  • Now take a scrubber and wash it and rub it on a dishwash soap
  • Scrub along the surface of the door
  • Let it untouched for 5 minutes.
  • Then give a gentle scrub once and clean it with water

Step 3: Mosquito Net

Dust accumulated on mosquito nets are mostly from outside of the house.

You could use the vacuum cleaner under blower mode to blow the debris.

Later switch to suction mode and clean the net.

Note: For best results use a corner cleaning attachment for blowing and a flat head vacuum attachment for suction.

Step 4: Mobile Phone

Of all devices that we use in our household the device that contains most germs without our knowledge is mobile phone.

It is recommended to clean the mobile phone weekly once with alcohol based solution

Sprinkle any alcohol based electronic cleaning solution in a cloth and wipe around your mobile phone.

Step 5: Keyboards

Use a vacuum cleaner with suction mode on low power mode.

Use any attachments that has a brush on its end but smaller the size of the brush more the deep cleaning

Step 6: Mattress and Couches

Every time we sit in mattress and couch the foam present inside expand and contract. During every expansion the air molecules are absorbed from the air into the foam or coir(depending on the type of mattress). The dust accumulated on the surface are also absorbed.

There are two ways of cleaning it:

  • You could use a stick and beat it on its surface
  • Or you could use a vacuum cleaner under suction mode with a flat head vacuum attachment

Hope we covered most cleaning in your house

Happy spring cleaning

Step 7: Final Finish

Once you are done cleaning your house you can use naphthalene balls(mothball) in blower of your vacuum cleaner.

Blow it around your house in each and every corner of your closets to prevent moths from affecting your fabrics.

Happy spring cleaning

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