Introduction: 5 Min Vegan Tempura


Tempura is super crispy, mild and quick to make Japanese recipe.

Usually Eggs and Sparkling water are used to bring a thin super crispy crust, being a vegetarian I skipped the egg and I didn’t had sparkling water at my home, so I attempted to replace both egg and sparkling water with ice cold water and they turned to give a delicious tempura which I’m sharing with you below:

Let’s get started...


Preparation time: 2 min

Cooking time: 3 min

Yield: Around 15 slices

Ingredients: Mixed Vegetables cut into thin round slices (I used Potato/Egg Plant/Cabbage)

All purpose flour: ½ cup

Ice cold Water: as required to make a slightly thin batter

Salt: ½ tsp

Oil: For deep frying

Step 1: Slice the Veggies

Heat oil in a pan

While the oil is heating, simultaneously slice the vegetables of your choice, but don’t prefer to use watery vegetables, cabbage, bell peppers, potato, mushrooms, egg plant and onions are generally used.

I made thin slices since I love them that way. You can make bigger slices if that is your choice.

Step 2: Tempura Batter

Take the ice cold water in a bowl and add the flour slowly into the water and mix it in the 8 shape using a chopstick or a spoon quickly to make a slightly thin batter and add salt, even if there are few lumps that doesn’t matter, they give an extra texture to the tempura while frying.

NOTE:The ice cold water reacts with hot oil to make a thin and super crispy crust from outside and soft veggies inside.

Step 3: Frying the Tempura

The oil should not be smoking hot, it should be that hot if you drop a bit of batter into the oil, it should reach the bottom and immediately come back to the surface of the oil.

Now take each slice of the vegetable dip it in the batter, so that the vegetable is completely coated with the batter.

Now fry the vegetables till they turn crisp on both the sides and serve the Tempura piping hot.

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