Introduction: DIY Wicked Witch Broom

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This full size broom will definitely catch your neighbors eyes! It might look like a difficult project but between my step by step post below and my video above, you can do it!

Step 1: The Start

I put an 8' long 2x6 in my super clamp. I then use a 36" ruler to start laying out the broom on the center line of the 2x6. I draw a line on both sides of the ruler all the down it. This will be the bottom of the broom.

Step 2: First Angle

Where the line stopped at the end of the ruler, I used my square and drew a line at 45 degrees. I then placed the ruler on that line and drew a line on the other side of the ruler. The ruler width will be the thickness of the broom.

Step 3: 2nd Angle

I then placed my square at the end of the line from the 1st angle and drew a line at 45 degrees in the opposite direction. Use your ruler like the previous step and draw a line on the other side.

I the took my ruler and laid it perpendicular to the 2x6 and made a mark. This will give me a flat spot on the broom handle. (See picture 3)

Step 4: 3rd Angle

Use you square once again at 45 degrees to get your 3rd angle. Then use your ruler to get your width and draw another line.

Step 5: 4th Angle

For the 4th angle, I started my ruler at the end of the line drawn from angle 3. This is an angle of your liking. I did not use 45 degrees. For this 4th angle, you will draw the line to the center line of the 2x6. Then use your ruler and draw a straight line parallel to the 2x4 (see picture 2)

Step 6: Broom Handle End

Use a paint can or any round object you have on hand. This will be used to get the round look at the end of the broom handle. Trace the round object. Then freehand the final touch (see picture 3)

Step 7: Cut Off Waste

You will have approximately 2' of 2x6 that will be left that will not be used. I used a circular saw to cut off the excess material and will save it for a future project!

Step 8: Cut Out Handle

First use a drill bit or forstner bit like shown in picture 1. (This will make it easier to cut out but is not mandatory) Then take your jigsaw and cut out the entire broom handle.

Step 9: Sanding

This steps can take a while. I started with 80 grit sand paper and sanded the handle trying to get it as round as possible. Once i achieved the roundness I wanted, I switched to 120 grit for a final sanding.

Step 10: Staining or Painting

Now you are ready for stain or paint! I chose to stain mine. Just simply apply the stain and wipe it off. Repeat the steps until you get your desired tint you are wanting.

Step 11: Broom Grassy Stuff

I then cut this prairie grass that I got from Hobby Lobby and attached it to the broom handle using 2 tywraps. I thin fluffed the ends of the grass to spread it out like a broom.

Step 12: Jute

Use your hot glue gun to put some glue on the grass at the tywrap. Then place the just in the hot glue and start wrapping it around the grass and cover the tywrap. Repeat the step at the 2nd tywrap. I also added just at the edge of the prairie grass where it meets the handle so it would give a better appearance.

Step 13: Complete

Now you are ready to put it on the porch and make the neighbors jealous!

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