Introduction: DIY Mason Jar Ceiling Fan Globes

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We had a farmhouse style bedroom and my wife wanted mason jars as ceiling fan globes. It is an easy project and great for beginner DIYers!


Mason Jar, Drill, Hole Saw, Paint, Paint Supplies

Step 1: Mason Jar

Select the perfect mason jar based on the look you are wanting and the size of the bulb you ceiling fan needs.

Step 2: Old Globe Removal

Remove your existing globe (Globe not shown for clarity) by unscrewing the nut from the socket.

Step 3: Mason Jar Lid

Use the nut from the ceiling fan to trace the hole needed in the jar lid to fit the ceiling fan socket.

Step 4: Drilling the Lid

It is best to clamp the lid down to some lumber prior to drilling the lid. The hole saw size will be determined by the nut that came off of your ceiling fan.

Step 5: Filing Sharp Edges

Use a file to clean up any sharp edges caused by the hole saw.

Step 6: Paint

Spray paint the lid and ring to your desired color. We chose black because we wanted a farmhouse look to go with our shiplap ceiling.

Step 7: Install Lid

Simply place the lid over the ceiling fan socket and tighten the nut until the lid is completely secured.

Step 8: Light Bulb

Use an LED bulb since you are using an enclosed mason jar as the globe. Using a standard bulb could cause the globe to bust due to the heat put off from the bulb.

Step 9: Install Mason Jar

To install the mason jars, simply screw the jars onto the mason jar lids already attached to the ceiling fan.

Step 10: Completion

Now you are ready to turn on the lights and enjoy you new project!

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