Introduction: DIY Wireless Bluetooth Headphone With Ear Muff

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Here's the deal, my old bluetooth wireless headphone got destroyed by wear & tear over the years of usage as one side of the ear piece broke and no longer fit my head.

So I decided to recycle the internal components to make my own wireless bluetooth headphone!! :D

Things required

  • Thin speaker cables
  • Ear Muff (Cheap)
  • Black tape or duct tape
  • Push button (better) or switch
  • Soldering iron & solder tin
  • Heat shrink tube (not straws)
  • Smart phone/tablet/computer to test each steps
  • Hand held drill
  • Small filing bit to expand hole made for switch
  • Lot's of time

Regret not making another switch or button to turn volume up as every time I synchronise to a new device, the volume is not at maximum even thou it's maxed at the device.

However if I stick to one device that's synced, the volume control will not be a problem after that but I will consider making another switch.

Step 1: My Old Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Is "almost" Beyond Repair

I managed to salvage an old bluetooth headphone which I love very much.

It's the old creative WP-300 Bluetooth Headphones.

One of the ear piece broke off the plastic holder, making it not usable anymore hence the idea to revive it to it's former glory in another body.

Step 2: After Throwing Away the Non-essential Parts

The most essential parts of the bluetooth headphone are the followings

1. Speakers
2. Internal battery
3. PCB boards found inside (make sure the cables are intact when removing from the casing)

Step 3: Found an Old Ear Muff That I Can Repurpose :D

I notice this relatively cheap ear muff that you can buy from any hardware shop have spacious room in the ear piece.

Step 4: A Closer Look of the WP-300 Internals

Upon inspection, one of the speaker which is connected by only two wires is more easier to remove & extend to another ear muff compared to using existing wired connection between both ear pieces of the wireless headphone.

Step 5: Switch for Turn on & Synchronising New Device

The button for turning on the bluetooth headphone is also the synchronise new device button when pressed & hold for long period of time.

So it makes sense to make one switch for it.

I didn't have a push button on hand but this will do.

Step 6: Found Some Thin Speaker Wires

The speaker wire just need two wires connection hence a thin wire with two terminals will work, found some in my junk collections.

Step 7: Step by Step Video

This is my youtube video on how I put everything together.

There are several things I like to change after the fact of making the DIY wireless bluetooth headphone.

1. I should also make a button/switch for volume up as the volume tend to reset to middle volume whenever I synchronise to a new device despite the device is already at full volume.

2. The external duct tape cover is a little unsightly, thinking of sewing a piece of cloth over the wire instead of using duct tape.

3. The plastic casing holding the speaker is taking too much space in the ear muff making it hard to put the noise cancelation foam in which make the ear phone more prone to outside noise. May remove the plastic casing to improve on this.