DIY Wood Wedding Cake Toppers

Introduction: DIY Wood Wedding Cake Toppers

Romantic, DIY, personalized cake toppers are easy to make with just a few simple items. There are numerous ways of doing this. We used laser cutter/engraver but it is just as easy with various wood burning tools or a simple soldering iron.

Here is a great instructable on wood burning and one using a Soldering Iron.

Step 1: Items Needed:

Wood Round to your size preference. You could easily make your own from a fallen branch, but we are very happy with the store bought kind in price and time saving.

3/16" Wood Dowels

Basic wood glue

Soldering iron, wood burning irons, or a laser cutter/engraver.

Step 2: Engrave, Drill, and Glue...

1. Engrave your desired markings.

2. Drill hole in bottom of wood round specific to your size of dowel.

3. Apply a dab of glue and insert dowel. Allow to dry

4. Cut dowel to desired length for cake insertion.

Enjoy your occasion!

NOTICE that we chose to put Mr. & Mrs. on one side and L & N on the backs.

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