Introduction: DIY Woodturning Tools

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woodturning tools chisels and Gouges
from files and with carbite diy

I am a great proponet of doing stuff without knowing much about them beforehand and after Failure or difficulties finding out that you should have done some reasearch beforehand. But with some things you yourself need to know whats best. I don't know your time managment and I dont know how much you can should spend on making or buying tools in money and time. I have a bunch of old files that arnt sharp and are somewhat rusty, so I haven't had to buy those... I am also comfertable with grinding a long long long time, because it makes me feel alive to feel bad. Scrapers are pretty simple and shouldn't be brought if you have flat files.... Why this isn't a bad idea... Files are high quality high carbon steel. We can´t know the exact Steel either your files or your normal chiesles are made from, but I suspect that files are much „harder“ so they would holde a edge longer. This is exactly what I experienced when Using my DIY tools. BEWARE there are drawbacks ...obviously. Harder generaly means more brittle and when you make gouges you whould remove a lot of material ….. so beware of dropping these tools. Files can just shatter (never happend to me), these tools WOULDN'T BEND THEY WOULD BREAK. Try bending a file …. well whatever … just beware that you are doing stuff that is potentionaly very dangerous. My inoffical opinion: its fine as long as you don´t do very wierd stuff.

Step 1: Scrapers and Skew Chisels

this is a
pretty simple project just take a grinding wheel and take a flat file, grind the teeth of and cut the end in the way you like. Put a edge on there. finished. Drop it in water if the thing gets too hot so that it doesn't get soft on you.

This takes with a good grining and cut off wheel with a good angle grinder about a hour. Driving to a shop takes longer, shopping online takes maybe not as long... But hear me out, I don´t like buying things and If I want to buy something I want the best thing for the best price... so with getting the package I migth spend a hour for shopping online for a tool like that ... I think making form tools and scrapers frome files makes a lot of sense.

Step 2: Gouges

this makes a lot less sense.

Buut I guess since you are here ….

You would take a square file grind the teeth of, cut the point of and then a v grove in one side. Almost a gouge right.... well the hard work begins here either

1 you take a thicc grinding wheel and grind a routh circle in the v grove

2 you make a bench grinding stone to a form stone and then just grind... I would cut a v grove first anyway …

Then make the outside round with a angle grinder or a bench grinder .... whatever man. Pretty simpe ... don't forget to cool it periodicly to cool it of .... you wouldn't want to get it hotter then lets say 200 degrees.

Oh jeah, you obviously have to make a eadg on there and sharpen it

I would say this all takes a day maybe .... but I make big big big tools that would cost much much much euros ...

Step 3: HSS

You can buy woodturning HSS
tools you can also HSS blankes. I would suspct that the blankes that you can buy are a much much better steel, because they are made to make metal turning form tools with them. You don't have to be as sensitive about the steel not getting hot when grinding it, because its High Speet Steel and its made to withstand tempertures and not get influenced... but try not to be to exessive ... if it glowes dark red its too hot ... don't let it come to that... I have 3 HSS tools and I had another one .... the big gouge is good the little gouge and the Diamond point tools are my absolut favorite tools and I never sharpend them... Now the drama, I had a cut off tool I used all the time, but one I was a fool and it caugth the side and it shattered. This was dangerous... there is a lot of energy released when something like this happens, Use safty glasses! Don't make cutoff tool form HSS I would say. But If you want to make it diffrently and not as thin.

A small diamond point HSS tool DIY is devinitly worth it! DIY it! The rest is highly relateable.

Step 4: Level Carbite

the final Level!
I am a big Proponant of Files. Take a mild Steel or a little better Steel Rod and a small Carbite insert and make a flat drill a hole .... I write that and I bore myself...If you want to to that you already looked at commercial carbite holders. Just make one like these with the Carbite insert you have/buy. If you think about doning that yourself and you are not delusionol and you have the correct threat cutter, you can do it ... you dont need me for that, I don't know what you have/ want .... here is someone that really layed it out. This site is mostly opinions anyway and you need to think about what, when. Where and why and so on ...

Step 5: Step 5 Finish That B****

I feel very strongly about
making tool handles. What kind of woodturner are you If you have Aluminum handles or buy handles? Not my kind of Woodturner, thats for sure! I mean, its some of the simplest things you can do and you can make it for YOUR HAND! Who can do that better but you? Whatever, just do it, and buy some cheap metal Tube for the crown of the handle so it doesn't split... (as easiely). Lets think about it, the wood should be free, just take waste wood handles aren't big. A cooper Tube cost some amount of money, but you can make basicly infinite crowns from it so that is free also... Just make your own damn handles for everything!

Step 6: The End

some sandpaper makes
wonders happening and some oil for the handle...

If someone accually does that or is inspierd by that, let me know I reallly want to see, weeeell if you make something really nice... I mean if you make something normal I would be glad if you show me, because I would know that writing this wasn't as worthless. If you use Instagramm tag me @astjaeger otherwise send me a message here or a commet, whatever... Email me if you want

and tell me about my nigarian unkle that died...