Introduction: DIY Wrap Skirt

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I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel a few days ago, if you haven’t subscribed it’s a great way to see new videos I put out weekly. Last Summer these wrap skirts were everywhere, ranging in price from $15-$50.00. Being the thrifty lass I am I decided that I would spend about $5-$10.00 on a yard or two of fabric and make a similar look myself, the best part about this simple DIY Wrap Skirt is it requires no sewing I made a mini skirt with a slit, a little risqué I know but you can measure the fabric to your liking, this technique can be used for a maxi skirt as well!

Step 1: The Wrap

I found this lovely jersey knit fabric at Walmart for less than $4 dollars a yard. Getting fabric on sale is always a great deal. I bought a bit more than I would need for this project because the fabric was so lovely and it will double for not only fashion purposes but decor as well. *hint hint (ahem pillow covers) Video coming soon!

I started by measuring the amount of fabric I wanted, I’m opting for a mini skirt but the best part about this simple DIY is you can also make a maxi or knee length skirt as well!

Step 2:

Then I crossed the fabric over my body, grabbed the bottom corner and flipped it up.

Step 3:

Then I took the excess material and tucked it in by my waist line.

Step 4:

It looks a bit messy at first but practice makes perfect, getting the folds just right is half the battle, from there you can just tuck and adjust!

Step 5: YouTube Tutorial