Introduction: Simple DIY Gift Ideas

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From jewelry holders to pen holders learn how to make a few of these quick and easy DIY's gifts, just in time for valentines day! Nothing says I love you like, here some stuff I collected from my house and glued together.

Step 1: The Video

Step 2: The Gifts

1) Wine Cork Crafts (.25-1.13)

- Jewelry holders

- Coaster

2) Cassette Tape Pen Holder (1.14-2.02)

3) Burlap string bowl (2.03-3.29)

4) Cookie or baked goods container (3.30-4.50)

Step 3: The How


Wine corks, glass, hot glue gun, cardboard

Take wine corks and hot glue on to glass or picture frame (which you can buy for $1)

- Take wine corks and glue onto cardboard carefully placing the wine works in your desired design and pattern


Cassette tapes, glass, hot glue gun

Hot glue cassette tapes to onto the glass so that it is enclosed. Can be as large or as small as you would like!


Bowl, burlap string, fabric hardner OR modge podge and wax paper

Take a bowl and wrap your burlap string all over it in in a continuous motion in various ways and patterns. Spray fabric harder all over the bowl, make sure it is saturated. Let bowl dry for 48 hours before cutting the open section of the bowl and burlap string away to create the opening for your burlap bowl

Option 2: Place wax paper over bowl and cut burlap into small strings. Use modge podge to saturate burlap string and place ontop of wax paper. Let dry for 48+ hours.


Paper plate, tissue paper

Cut six slits (as showed in video) two on the top and bottom then two on both sides of the paper plate. Bend and fold up into a container shape, use tissue paper to line paper plate, I used cookies but it should fit a large variety of small baked goods!

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