Introduction: D.I.Y. Yarn Orbs

  • In this tutorial I will be showing you guys how to make a D.I.Y. yarn orb. This is a really great project to start for the weekend. These are very simple instructions and this will be very fun.

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you need to make this project are

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Corn Starch ( or you can substitute with Flour)
  • Water
  • A Bowl
  • Spoon
  • And whatever yarn you want to use to make the orbs
  • Balloons
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • needle

Your also going to need a work station that can hang your balloons as well as old rags, towels or even a tarp to keep things clean. You can use the ceiling fan or a hook in order to hang your balloon from the ceiling or you can find a horizontal pole like a shower curtain rod or a clothesline or even a balancing broom stick across two chairs. Lets get crafting!!!!!

Step 2: Blow Up Balloons

  • First you want to blow up your balloons to the size you want your orbs to be. I prefer to have a ball shape but it really doesn't matter.

Step 3: Hang Balloons

  • Once you like the shape of your balloons, hang them in your work station. Using some additional yarn, tie to your balloon stem to hook on your horizontal pole. Make sure that the balloons do not touch each other, or the tarp that your using.

Step 4: Add Petroleum Jelly

Now you want to cover your balloons in a light layer of petroleum jelly. you can throw on some rubber gloves, or you can use a paintbrush to keep things clean. The petroleum jelly makes sure that the yarn is not going to stick to the balloon later on.

Step 5: Create Glue Mixture

  • Once your balloons have been covered in petroleum jelly, it is time to make your glue mixture. Fill your bowl with a bottle of your glue, half a cup of cornstarch and a quarter cup of water. Make sure that you stir your mixture to where it is less watery and more thick. The point of this mixture is to make sure that your yarn stiffens once it dries.

Step 6: Glue Yarn to Balloons

  • It is time to glue the yarn to your balloons. You can dip portions of yarn into the glue, squeeze out any excess and wrap it around your balloon. Or you can place the yarn onto the balloon and apply the glue using a paintbrush. I prefer to wrap the yarn around the balloons in even segments vertically and then mix things up as you switch to wrapping horizontaly. You can wrap your balloon until it is alomost entirely covered or you can leave bigger gaps so more light to past through if you would like to put a light in your orb. If you use lights in the your orbs, use fluorescent lights to be safe. Once you like the look of your yarn pattern, cut the end piece and place it near the stem of your balloon so the design looks clean.

Step 7: Let Mixture Dry

  • Once your yarn wrapped orb is how you like it, the next thing is to wait. It is very important to let the mixture dry completly otherwise the yarn might stick to the balloons and it is going to ruin the orb like shape. You can let it dry over night or if you have the patience, you should walk away from the orb for a day or two.

Step 8: Deflate Your Balloons

  • Now that the mixture has dried, we can deflate the balloons. Using your fingers, press on the balloon to detach it from the yarn as much as possible. After poke your balloon with a needle so your structure forms all at once. Or you can be cautious and slowly deflate the balloon which will ensure that the yarn seperates from the balloon as it shrinks away. If you used a lot of glue you might have extra glue chips at the end when you pop the balloon, so just scratch them off and your good to go.

Hope you guys were able to make this project. Please vote for me in the Made With Yarn Contest!!!!

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